Ralston, Mackie & Smith Win For The First Time At Hummingbird

Reynoldsville—Bob Ralston, Jr. of Philipsburg, Pete Mackie of St. Marys and Ben Smith of Penfield became first time winners Saturday evening at Hummingbird Speedway.

Other winners on M&K Landscaping night were Bob McMillen of St. Marys and Gary Little of Clearfield.

Randy Albert and Mike Anderson led the field of IC Light four-cylinders trackside for the first feature of the evening. Anderson took the early lead in the 15-lap main, and led through two minor cautions with Don Henry close behind. Another caution flew on lap 7 when Anderson and Bill McMillen made contact in turn 4. Don Henry inherited the lead and led through the midway point with Cooter Wolfe, Aaron Henry, Ralston, and Albert completing the top five. Wolfe worked his way to the low side of Henry and took over the lead on lap 10. Wolfe pulled away from the field as Ralston and Henry battled side by side for second. Wolfe drove to the initial win which would have been his second of the season, but refused to report to the tech area for inspection after the race, and was stripped of the win. Ralston was then declared the winner. Heat race wins went to George Bailey, Graham Butler, and Alan Barnett.

The 20-lap Prontock Beer Distributors street stock main was next out with Toby Saline and Jamie Price leading the way. Price led the early stages of the event with Rick Hemphill and Bill Huntington battling side by side for a number of laps to try to gain the second place spot. Huntington worked his way under Price after a lap 7 caution and held the lead at the midway point with Little, Bob Rosman, Price, and Saline keeping things close. Huntington had his hands full with Little and Rosman as both tried to take over the top spot. After a lap 12 caution, Little took to the outside and made the pass for the lead. Little stretched out his advantage late in the race as Huntington and Rosman hooked up in a good battle for second. In the end it was all Little as he took his second win of the year at the speedway. Little and Fuzzy Fields claimed the heats.

The 25-lap Brookville Wood Products limited late model feature was next on the speedway with John Chesnalavich, Jr. and Chuck Kennedy leading the way. Chesnalavich led the first lap before a caution flag flew. McMillen used the high line to his advantage on the restart, and moved from fourth to first on lap 2. McMillen stretched his advantage on the field as Chesnalavich, Chris Farrell, and Luke Hoffner battled for second. A number of cautions slowed the race, and took out a number of cars. Farrell pulled along side McMillen after a lap 15 restart, but couldn’t make the pass for the lead. As the top two battled for position, Dave Shagla, Jr. and Pete Alspaugh waged a good battle for third. McMillen was able to hold Farrell at bay on the races final two caution periods as he went on to score his second win of the year. McMillen and Hoffner copped the heats.

Jeff Krach and B.J. Hudson led the field of Miller Brothers Furniture/By The Room Furniture pure stocks trackside for their 15-lap feature. Mackie grabbed the early lead and pulled away from the field with Jason Bainey giving chase. Mackie held the lead halfway in with Bainey, Rob Molnar, Brian Rhed, and Kyle Lindenmuth trying to close the gap. Lap 9 saw Bainey’s car go up smoke, forcing him to the pit area. Rhed and Mike Donahue worked their way by Molnar for position and they set their sights on Mackie. After a lap 12 caution, Mackie’s car started to push high letting an opening for Rhed. Mackie was able to regain the low line and hold off Rhed form his first win of the year, and end Rhed’s four race win streak. Bainey and Rhed won the heats.

Scott Buffington and Brian Crawford led a full field of front wheel drive four-cylinders trackside for the 12-lap feature. Buffington led the first circuit before giving way to Todd English on the next lap. English’s lead was short-lived as he cut a tire forcing a caution on lap 4. During the caution, leader Kirby Tucker was forced to the pits with a flat tire. Smith inherited the lead and led at the midway point with Jerry Walls, Dustin Fields, Buffington, and Dave Kohler completing the top five. Smith pulled away from the field late in the race as he went on to take his first win of the year. Smith, Brittany Bouch, and Steve Ghezzi won the heats while Jessica Brooks won the consolation race.
SPEEDWAY NOTES: There were 93 cars in the pits this evening including 16 limited lates, 16 street stocks, 18 four-cylinders, 13 pure stocks, and 30 front wheel drive four-cylinders. The mid season championships will be run for all five classes Saturday evening with double points being awarded. Gates open at 4:30pm with racing at 7. Also a reminder that the Falling Stars Parachute Team will be performing on the Independence Day Special to be run on June 30. For more information call the track office at 653-8400 or visit the track’s website at www.hummingbirdspeedway.com.

Results: Brookville Wood Products Limited Late Models: 1. Bob McMillen, St. Marys; 2. Chris Farrell, Clearfield; 3. Pete Alspaugh, Russell, 4. Rich Womeldorf, Apollo; 5. Burton Fingado, Knox; 6. Josh Young, Berwick; 7. Larry Wingard, Punxsutawney; 8. Bill Davis, DuBois; 9. Dave Shagla, Jr., Sugar Grove; 10. Brian Molnar, Falls Creek; 11. Dwayne Brooks, Falls Creek; 12, Jim Rozum, Kennerdell; 13. John Chesnalavich, Jr., Reynoldsville; 14. Luke Hoffner, Turbotville; 15. Chuck Kennedy, Brockway; 16. Eric Moore, Frenchville Prontock Beer Distributors Street Stocks: 1. Gary Little, Clearfield; 2. Bill Huntington, Stump Creek; 3. Bob Rosman, Sykesville; 4. Rick Hemphill, Osceola Mills; 5. Jamie Price, Clearfield; 6. Dan Smeal, Houtzdale; 7. Joe Kot, DuBois; 8. Toby Saline, Kersey; 9. Jim Bloom, Curwensville; 10. Doug Tibbens, Clearfield; 11. Craig Bainey, Osceola Mills; 12. Mike Miller, DuBois; 13. Pernell Beimel, St. Marys; 14. Dan Steis, St. Marys; 15. Dustin Michuck, St. Marys; 16. Fuzzy Fields, Brockport IC Light Beer Four-Cylinders: 1. Bob Ralston, Jr., Philipsburg; 2. Don Henry, DuBois; 3. Aaron Henry, Brockport; 4. George Bailey, Clearfield; 5. Mike Anderson, State College; 6. Bill McMillen, St. Marys; 7. Graham Butler, Clearfield; 8. Brandon Weidow, Byrnedale; 9. Randy Albert, Morrisdale; 10. Frank Wilson, McClure; 11. Bobby Battaglia, Reynoldsville; 12. Randy Luzier, Hyde; 13. David Weidow, Byrnedale; 14. Jonnie Gould, DuBois; 15. Kyle Parson, McClure; 16. Alan Barnett, Philipsburg; 17. Orin Taylor, DuBois Dqed: Cooter Wolfe (No Tech) Miller Brothers Furniture/By The Room Furniture Pure Stocks: 1. Pete Mackie, St. Marys; 2. Brian Rhed, Brockport; 3. Mike Donahue, Reynoldsville; 4. Brian Molnar, Falls Creek; 5. Jeff Krach, Falls Creek; 6. Jason Murray, Brockway; 7. Steve Barnes, Punxsutawney; 8. Francis Gustafson, Weedville; 9. Kyle Lindenmuth, Brockport; 10. Jason Bainey, Philipsburg; 11. B.J. Hudson, Clearfield; 12. Archie Hynd, Osceola Mills DNS: Paul Kot Front Wheel Drive Four-Cylinders: 1. Ben Smith, Penfield; 2. Jerry Walls, DuBois; 3. Dustin Fields, Brockport; 4. Scott Buffington, Big Run; 5. Dave Kohler, DuBois; 6. Brian Crawford, Punxsutawney; 7. Stephanie Mansell, Centre Hall; 8. Kevin Thomas, DuBois; 9. Steven Bouch, Reynoldsville; 10. Chris Woodel, Brockway; 11. Josh Fields, Brockport; 12. Jessica Brooks, Falls Creek; 13. Steven Cook, Sykesville; 14. Amber Brown, Punxsutawney; 15. Terry Borden, Reynolsdville; 16. Todd English, Clearfield; 17. Aaron Luzier, Clearfield; 18. Amy Wonderling, Punxsutawney; 19. Kie Brown, Punxsutawney; 20. Kirby Tucker, Loretto; 21. Chuck White, DuBois; 22. Steve Ghezzi, Penfield; 23. Brittany Bouch, Reynoldsville; 24. John Spellen, DuBois DNQ: Chuck Erskine, Travis Timko, Glenn Robinson, Zach Lennox, Brian Fields, & Kevin Wyant.

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