10th Annual Clearfield Riverfront Canoe Race Results

Clearfield- On June 2nd, 2007, the 10th Annual Clearfield Riverfront Canoe Race was held by the Clearfield Paddling Club and the Kiwanis Club of Clearfield. A total of 23 paddlers, both local and statewide, participated in various classes for the two different races.

10 Mile Downriver Race

Men’s Long Kayak Division

Place Name Times- Hour:Minute:Seconds
1st Doug Keiper 57:49
2nd Gary Braught 57:59
3rd Irv Claar 1:13:45

Men’s Short Kayak Division

1st Bill Litz 1:15:57
2nd Roger Claar 1:17:51
3rd Ken Butterbaugh 1:25:00

Women’s Kayak

1st Linda Volpe 1:12:18
2nd Dawn McCracken 1:15:06
3rd Nikki Mahlon 1:19:57

Solo Canoe

1st Steve Martin 53:44
2nd Matt Anthony 55:43
3rd Mark Anthony 57:38

Over 30 Under 16 Canoe

1st Dan and Gabrielle Kennedy 1:20:00

Open Canoe
1st Teresa Stout & Will Schucker 1:16:32
2nd Mark and Cecil Condon 1:18:27

5 Mile Loop Race Results

Men’s Short Kayak

1st Bill Litz 55:22
2nd Roger Claar 1:05:03
3rd Bryan Hammond 1:05:59

Men’s Long Kayak

1st Daniel Hohman Jr. 40:43
2nd Doug Keiper 45:47
3rd Irv Claar 46:37

Women’s Kayak

1st Linda Volpe 49:48
2nd Dawn McCracken 52:23

Men’s Open Solo Canoe

1st Matt Anthony 45:21
2nd Gary Braught 46:08
3rd Don Frew 53:05

Over 30/Under 16 Canoe

1st Gabrielle and Dan Kennedy 1:01:07

Mixed Canoe

1st Teresa Stout and Mark Anthony 46:45

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