DuBois Man Waives Hearing on Aggravated Assault Charge

CLEARFIELD – A 27-year-old DuBois man waived his right to a preliminary hearing on aggravated assault and related charges on Friday.

Ronald Maines Jr. is accused of injuring three police officers while they attempted to take him into custody.  According to court records, DuBois City Police were dispatched for a report of a domestic argument. Upon arrival the investigating officer, Orlando Prosper, was informed by the woman who called for police that Maines had taken her bank card and refused to return it. She informed Prosper that Maines had been drinking and was on state parole.

Maines was reported to have rounded a corner when the woman began to speak to him about the bank card. Prosper told Maines to come to him and Maines approached, removing the bank card as he did so. Prosper reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol coming from Maines. DuBois City Police Ron LaRotonda and Officer Edward Kerr arrived. Prosper ordered Maines to place his hands on the patrol vehicle and while Maines argued with the woman. Maines was asked if he was on parole but refused to answer. When Prosper attempted to cuff Maines, he pulled away. LaRotonda was attempting to control Maines when Maines reportedly struck the chief in the face, breaking his sunglasses.

Prosper and the other officers took Maines down Prosper was struck on the right side of his head. Maines continued to resist after being told to stop, according to court documents. Maines continued to struggle and kicked Kerr. LaRotonda then used pepper spray on Maines, who was then brought under control and placed on a curb. Medical personnel arrived, and Maines threatened to find LaRotonda’s and Kerr’s residences and kill them. Maines was placed in a patrol vehicle where he began kicking the window. Maines told officers he wanted to go to the hospital.

While at DuBois Regional, Maines was reported to have been belligerent, at one point threatening to kill Prosper. After Maines was treated for the pepper spray he refused to leave the bed and had to be carried from the room. Maines was then taken to the police station for foot shackles before being taken to Clearfield County Jail. 

Maines is currently incarcerated in Clearfield County.

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