Planning Issues for Chestnut Ridge and Hallelujah Estates Resolved at Boggs Township

WEST DECATUR – Sewage plans were unclogged at the Monday meeting by the Boggs Township Supervisors.
Plans for the Chestnut Ridge Estates were incomplete as of Monday, but this was due to an error by both the supervisors and the Department of Environmental Protection.

“A paper was that we were supposed to have was missing, that’s all,” clarified Supervisor Gary Straw. “The problem has been taken care of, and no one is to blame.” Proper paperwork had been submitted at the time of the meeting, so a note was only made and no other comments were made at the time of the meeting.

Plans for the construction being done at Hallelujah Estates were unclear, so the supervisors voted unanimously to grant a conditional approval of plan amendments. These amendments are to be made following recommendations from the township’s engineering firm. These changes include alterations to be made to the original plans/blueprints. The changes are being done to allow the development to comply with local and state development ordinances.

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