Johnsonburg Men Plead Guilty to Burglary Charges

CLEARFIELD – A 22-year-old Johnsonburg man who pleaded guilty to multiple counts of burglary was sentenced to up to three years in state prison on Tuesday.

Daniel A. Aiello pleaded guilty to three overall counts of burglary, two counts of criminal conspiracy to commit burglary, possession of instruments of crime, and related charges. Aiello was sentenced by Clearfield County President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman to 15 months to three years in a state correctional institution on one charge of burglary. He received the same sentence on two other burglary counts and counts of other charges, all of which are to run concurrent to the first sentence. Aiello must also submit to DNA testing at a cost of $250, and is to refrain from entering onto the the properties of the victims involved. Aiello was also ordered to pay fines and costs.

Ammerman also recommended Aiello to a boot camp program.

According to court documents, Lawrence Township Police were called to assist Clearfield Borough Police with a burglary in progress on Nov. 16. Once at the scene officers apprehended the three involved took them in for questioning.

When questioned, the individuals admitted to committing two burglaries within Lawrence Township. They stated they entered the structures for copper. 

Aiello and Megan Kline, who was sentenced yesterday,  took officers to the residences they burglarized on Shaw Street and Mt. Joy Road. Aiello was reported to have shown officers where he threw broken pipe cutters. 

Clearfield Borough Police received a call from a neighbor at about 11:24 p.m. Nov. 16 for a report that two males and a female were attempting to enter the front door of the house. The trio was able to get into the structure.

Police arrived on scene and the three people exited through a rear sliding glass door. Officers attempted to stop the three, but they continued to flee.

Police officers were finally able to subdue them, and they were found to have a wire cutter, a pipe cutter and a flashlight in their possession.

The other man involved, Shawn Redmond, was sentenced on Monday. He entered an open plea, and was sentenced to nine months in Clearfield County Jail, and three years probation. Redmond completed drug and alcohol courses prior to his sentencing.

“There’s no excuse for what I did, I take responsibility,” said Redmond. “I’ve learned my lesson. It’s time to prove to my family and self that I am a changed person.”

The judge had a recommendation to send him to state prison, but Redmond did not have a significant prior record, so the judge did not do that.

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