DuBois Council Discusses Eyesore

DUBOIS – There was a brief discussion Monday at the DuBois City Council meeting regarding the Conrad Estate on Stockdale Street that residents said has become a dangerous eyesore.

The local residents want the house to be demolished; however, they do not want another residence built on the site.

Albert Blose lives across the street and has suggested that a parking lot be built on the property. Blose stated that in the summer months Stockdale Street will hold only nine cars, and due to downtown traffic and
parking, often residents can’t park near their own homes.

Mayor John “Herm” Suplizio said, “For the record, we agree that the house should be torn down, but you are talking to the wrong people. It’s a zoning issue. You need to go to the Zoning Board and tell them you don’t
want a house there.”
According to Paula Cherry, filling in for Council Solicitor Toni Cherry, the property is going up for bid and the county is getting ready for tax sale. If someone wanted to purchase the property it is still possible to do so. She suggested that anyone purchasing the property check with the Zoning Board regarding any variance needed to learn what may or may not be done with the property prior to placing a bid.

Council unanimously approved the motion to appoint a committee to review the Central Tax Contract selecting Mark Meholick and Larry Barber as committee members and Mike Piccirillo as chairman of the committee. Anyone interested in volunteering to serve on this committee should contact Piccirillo.

Two bids were received for marking city streets and parking lots. Council voted to turn both over to the Engineering and Public Works departments for further review.

Also passed by unanimous decision was the land development plan for DuBois Regional Medical Center’s medical arts building. It calls for a two-story addition on the back of the existing building.

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