Clearfield Man has Hearing on Assault Charges

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man accused of assaulting another man had a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

Matthew Wilsoncroft was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment and two counts of disorderly conduct.

The alleged victim in the case testified that on May 22 he had just gotten home from a doctor’s appointment when his girlfriend complained about Wilsoncroft being a slob. The man asked Wilsoncroft to leave and then went to work on some paperwork. He said that when Wilsoncroft was on his way out he said things to the man. At some point a scuffle broke out, and the man ended with a cut above his eye.

Under cross examination the man said that he was not sure if the cut above his eye came from Wilsoncroft or from falling to the ground. He also said that he had been hit harder than what Wilsoncroft had hit him.

During the alleged victim’s testimony he mentioned heroin that there was heroin at the residence. Magisterial District Judge Richard Ireland stopped questioning from attorneys about the drugs because he deemed it was irrelevant to the aggravated assault case.

Ireland dismissed the charge of aggravated assault. He commented that it was appropriate at the time of filing because the investigating officer did not know how serious the alleged victim’s injury was.

All other charges were held to court. Wilsoncroft is in Clearfield County Jail on a probation violation.

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