Two Johnstown-Area Residents Waive Drug Charges to Court

DUBOIS – Several charges were waived on to court Friday that began with a traffic stop.

Chad R. Smith, 26, of Robinson, and Heather R. Shank, 21, of Seward, were stopped May 17 just before midnight when a Sandy Township police officer saw their vehicle traveling at about 75 to 80 mph in a posted 55 mph speed done on state Route 255 near Classic’s Bar and Grill.

The vehicle stopped only after a chase that reached speeds of about 85 mph.

They appeared before Magisterial District Judge Patrick N. Ford Friday morning to answer for the counts filed as a result of the stop.

The officer began to speak with Smith, the driver, when he smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana.

Smith stepped from the vehicle, and the officer stated that he could smell marijuana. Smith immediately told the officer that his passenger, Shank, had a pipe but did not have any drugs.

Smith then gave police permission to search his vehicle.

Inside, officers found several baggies of suspected marijuana. Officers also discovered a duffle bag with a can of Fix-A-Flat in it.

Police brought Smith back to the vehicle and asked him if the can could contain a hidden compartment. He said that it did, and three more baggies of suspected marijuana were found inside. A key to a lock box was found along with a morphine pill.

The lock box was opened, and two pipes, unused plastic baggies, a pill crusher, a pocket sale, rolling papers, a knife, a push rod, a lighter, hemostats with purnt ends and a list of names were found inside. Also found were three cigar tubes, one of which contained some partially used marijuana cigarettes. An envelope was also found containing Smith’s social security card, birth certificate and other papers.

Smith told police that the names were of the people who owed him money.

Smith and Shank waived their rights to several charges including intentional possession of a controlled substance. Several felony counts were dropped in the case.

Both are free while awaiting trial or sentencing.

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