Police Say: Beware of Con Artists and Scams

RIDGWAY – Tpr. Bruce Morris, public information officer with the Pennsylvania State Police – Troop C, is advising those in the area to beware of con artists and scams.

Morris advised that scams can be easily committed on the unsuspecting person. He said to keep in mind that con artists are smooth talkers, meaning they can talk you out of information without the person realizing that the information was given.

“Everybody knows that it is dangerous to give out a credit card number, however, if the proper person gets a little personal information about you, they have the ability to commit one of the most popular crimes of today: identity theft,” he said.

Some scams involve a ruse. A person will receive a check in the mail from a lottery, a corporation or a foreign country. Instructions enclosed with the check advise the person to cash the check and keep a small portion of the money. The remaining amount should be sent to an address. Often, instructions state that sending money will ensure the receipt of an even larger cash prize. The crime within this scam, Morris said, is that the initial check is fraudulent, and if the person sends the amount required though a personal check, the scammer now has a personal bank account number.

Morris said the primary prevention tip to avoid becoming a victim of any scam is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Anyone who thinks they were the victim of a scam should save all information regarding the issue and promptly contact the police department that serves the local area.

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