DuBois Regional Makes Plans for Access Road

DUBOIS – With plans just about on track for the Interstate 80 access road to the DuBois Regional Airport, the facility’s authority board heard about how the construction will affect access to the airport and improvements to be made.

Plans consist of three phases, all of which will lead to better access from the relocated state Route 830, according to airport officials.

The changes are being made because SR 830 is being shifted north as a result of the I-80 construction and in preparation of the expansion of the Air Commerce Park.

Ed Nasuti of Lee-Simpson Associates made the presentation to the authority Friday, saying that the completed parking lot will have a total of 270 parking spaces.

“It’s a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement,” Nasuti said, noting that the three phases of the project will include the construction of the extension of the access road and building the parking lot extension.

Nasuti is expecting the project to be ready for bid in May with bids possibly being open in July. Work can start as soon as grant funding is in place.

Drivers have already begun to see some changes near the airport with a portion of SR 830 west of the airport already closed for work.

“PennDOT has done an excellent job in my opinion of making sure the signs are up and people know where to go,” said Bob Shaffer, airport manager, adding that air travelers should add an extra five or 10 minutes to the time it normally takes to get to the airport.

The new access road has yet to be named, and the authority voted without opposition to suggest to the Washington Township, Jefferson County, supervisors that the road be named Aviation Way. The old SR 830 will continue to be known as Airport Road.

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