Lottery Declares Foul During Thursday Night Drawing

MIDDLETOWN – Pennsylvania Lottery officials declared a foul during the Thursday night Daily Number drawing.

Thursday’s official winning Daily Number combination is 1-7-2.

The first numbered ball in the combination, 1, and the second ball, 7, were successfully drawn. The third numbered ball was drawn into the selection chamber but fell back into the mixing chamber when a drawing official prematurely closed the drawing chamber before the ball was fully in position.  At that point, a foul was called and the official moved on to successfully complete the BIG 4, CASH 5, and mix & match drawings.

After careful review of the drawing tape by lottery officials, the volunteer senior witness, and a Certified Public Accountant, along with TV studio
personnel, it was determined that the third numbered ball drawn was a 2.

The Pennsylvania Lottery will honor all Daily Number tickets for the nighttime April 12 drawing for 1-7-2 and all boxed combinations of 1-7-2.

The lottery reports that it regrets any inconvenience caused by the fouled drawing.

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