Man Accused of Fleeing Police Sentenced

CLEARFIELD – A 23-year-old Hyde resident pleaded guilty to stealing candy bars and Swedish fish from the Hyde Uni-Mart.

Ricky Lucas was sentenced to time served, two years probation, was ordered not to enter the Hyde Uni-Mart, and submit to DNA testing on a charge of criminal trespass. On a charge of escape, Lucas was sentenced to two years of concurrent probation.

“It wasn’t worth if for the Swedish fish, was it,” Clearfield County Judge Paul E. Cherry asked Ricky.

The incident that led to the charges occurred on Sept. 30. According to a prior report, Ricky was seen pocketing the items and leaving without paying for them. When police arrived they handcuffed him and placed him in the police car. While police were speaking with the store management, someone released him from the police vehicle. Jennifer (Haversack) Lucas is accused of releasing Ricky Lucas from the car.

At one point while Ricky was fleeing Jennifer was alleged to have yelled, “”Run Ricky,” and “I love you Ricky.”

Police alleged that Ricky entered a neighbor’s home and then returned to his own, where he was again taken into custody.

Court documents show that Ricky told officers that he took the candy because the manager “was looking at him wrong and he didn’t appreciate it, so he just left with the candy bars.”

Jennifer’s case has not been processed yet.

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