Fair Board Explains Steps Taken on Way to New Gate Fees

CLEARFIELD – About 35 people turned out to meet with the Clearfield Volunteer Fire Department Fair and Park Board to make sure their concerns about the Clearfield County Fair were heard.

The session began Tuesday night with members of the board explaining how acts are selected, from submitting names of requested artists to seeing whether they are available and will work for the board’s offer to the act determining the ticket price. (To see some of this year’s acts, click here.)

The board invited the public to hear about the process to select entertainment and this year’s new gate fees.

Fair Manager Greg Hallstrom admitted that for the past four or five years, the carnival part of the fair was not as good as it has been in years past. “This year we decided to go on the high end,” he said.

That lead the board to Bates Bros. Amusement Co. in Winterville, Ohio.

In the past, the carnival at the fair would pay the board a portion of the money taken in by riders. Now, Hallstrom said, they will take thier money from the gate fees, hence the increase to a $6 admission fee for this year’s fair for those ages 4 to 65. Those under 4 will be admitted for free as will those over the age of 65 with a Medicare card. Gate admission will include an all-day ride pass.

In the past, all gate admissions were $3 with special days for seniors and children.

Parking fees will remain at $3.

The board pointed out, however, that sales of gate-only coupons would begin on about June 1 and last until the Sunday of the fair, July 29, at the fair office and at the ticket office after it opens for the season. These coupons will be sold in strips of five perforated tickets for $15. The tickets can be used by one person or different people and entitle the holder to gate admission but not rides. One half of the ticket will be retained by the fairgoer in case he or she decides they would like to ride after they are on the grounds. The ticket stub can be redeemed for a $5 ride pass.

Gate-only tickets will also be made available on the grandstand mail-in order form.

A 5-percent Clearfield Borough amusement tax is included in the gate and gate/ride admissions. The tax will be added to ticket prices for grandstand shows.

Brenda Hunter, publicity director for the fair, said that in addition to the agricultural and other exhibits, David H. Litz grove stage entertainment and other events, admission will entitle those attending the fair free admission to watch the parade in the grandstand and horse pulls at the end of the week.

“We pay for every one of these activities so that you have something to fill your day with,” she said.

One misconception was cleared up by the board Tuesday, the fact that granstand shows will not be included in the gate admission.

“Clearfield County Fair has probably the third- or fourth-best entertainment dollar for dollar-wise in the state,” Dave Franson, board president, said.

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