DuBois Resident Speaks on Behalf of Other Residents Regarding Neighborhood Blight

DUBOIS – At Monday night’s meeting of the DuBois City Council, one resident expressed his and other residents’ concerns about a blight problem in their area.

Lester Smiley, resident of Spring Avenue, presented council with a petition, signed by 16 other residents of Spring Avenue and the immediate area asking for council’s help to remedy the blight problem.

Smiley called the situation deplorable, stating that it exists and is escalating.

“Namely the problem is that several neighbors have no consideration for the neighbors that wish to live in a humane environment,” Smiley read from a prepared statement. “This lack of consideration has created an unsightly and unhealthy slum-like area.

“We ask not that these home owners/renters spend one cent on home improvements, but be considerate enough to expend enough energy to maintain a clean, tasteful appearance to the exterior of their property.

“For those that may need help because of health problems, we are more than willing to render assistance.”

One of the biggest problems Smiley pointed out was an overflowing dumpster behind one of the homes. When asked by council member Randy Schmidt, how often the garbage bin was emptied, Smiley said every Tuesday morning, but that it often times is filled back up before Tuesday night. Smiley went on to say that people not living in the home dump their trash in the bin.

City of DuBois Mayor John “Herm” Suplizio told council that he and some members of the DuBois City Police Department inspected that area. Suplizio said that officers spoke with residents and property owners concerning the garbage bin, but also about some of the unsightly yards.

Suplizio noted that owner of the property where the garbage bin is located advised the mayor he would take care of the problem. He also commented that things would be easier if people cleaned their own areas up.

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