Boggs Township to Consider More Road Signs

WEST DECATUR – Boggs Township Supervisors plan to take a closer look at the township’s need for road signs this month.

The supervisors had a meeting scheduled with the state Department of Transportation last month, but a snow storm forced the cancellation of that meeting.

The supervisors will now meet with a PennDOT representative on March 21 to look at whether signs are needed and the approximate cost of those signs.

Boggs Township residents have been calling for the signs for some time, arguing that state routes in the township need to be signed with local names because the road names change depending upon the section of the route.

“The state contends, along state roads, there should not be any named signs needed,” said Bill Dickson, supervisor chair, at Monday’s township meeting. He said PennDOT argues that the small, square, white signs that appear along state routes and at their intersections are enough.

“They don’t feel that the roads need to be signed,” he said. “They’re not going to pay for named signs.”

Dickson added that it would be the township’s responsibility to pay for the signs, however the township contends that the state should pay to sign state roads.

Boggs Township resident Paula Norris said, “I think all the roads in the township should be looked at,” saying that others are not properly signed.

She added that when people give their address, it is “Old Erie Pike” rather than “state Route 2024.”

Township Secretary Denise Dobo made an inaudible comment a short time later, and Norris asked that she speak up. Norris then responded with “jerk.”

Dobo asked, “Did she just call me a jerk?”

Norris, who was wearing a digital recorder around her neck, responded, “Once isn’t enough.”

Norris’ husband, Frank, was found guilty of a summary harassment charge for calling Dobo a lewd name following a township meeting in 2006. He has since appealed the magisterial district judge’s decision.

Both Paula and Frank Norris were found guilty of a summary charge of harassment after they followed Dickson to Alice’s Pub in Philipsburg after the meeting. They have appealed that ruling as well.

Norris did note, however, that even if he township does decide to sign the roads, residents will need to do their part by making sure that their houses are numbered so that delivery drivers and emergency responders can easily find them.

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