Living Well Week Runs Through March 17

CLEARFIELD – You and your family can live well — for a lifetime. “Raising kids, eating right, spending smart and living well are skills you and your family can learn in order to live well,” according to Andrea Bressler, extension educator. March 11-17 is Living Well Week, an opportunity to learn more about family and consumer science educational programs conducted by Penn State Cooperative Extension.

Ask a physically exhausted parent of a toddler, or a mentally exhausted parent of a teenager, and both will tell you raising kids isn’t child’s play. Kids don’t really need the latest video game or high-priced electronics. Kids need their parents or another committed adult! Being active in your child’s or teen’s life will help her or him to succeed. And it will give your family memories that will last for years to come. Fostering relationships can help each generation be self-reliant, supportive of others, and contributing members of society.
Eating right can be a tall order, especially with the current issues of food safety. Low-carb, no-carb, trans fats; have all the diet trends got you confused? Eating right isn’t about fads. It’s about preparing meals and snacks that are healthy, appealing, and your family wants to eat. Families and individuals can learn how to make healthy and safe food choices, which offer the potential to increase their wellness and improve their lives.

Spending smart takes dollars and sense. Whether you’re saving for something special or paying down credit cards, every penny counts. Even small savings can make your money work for you. Your family can learn how to develop and use resources such as money, time, human capital, material resources and community services.

If you and your family want to learn more about the above topics, contact your local office of Penn State Cooperative Extension. In Clearfield County, contact Andrea Bressler at 765-7878 to learn more about raising children and teens; or Jacque Amor-Zitzelberger for child care practitioner professional development workshops. In Jefferson County, contact Rick Kralj at 849-7361, to learn more about eating right. And in Elk County, contact Robin Kuleck at 776-5331 to learn about spending smart programs.

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