Attorney General Corbett Cautions Consumers to Avoid Daylight Saving Time Scams

HARRISBURG – Attorney General Tom Corbett today cautioned consumers to be wary of possible scam email messages related to this year’s early switch to Daylight Saving Time.

“Scam artists are very good at using current events to add an air of authenticity and urgency to their schemes,” Corbett said. “Be cautious of any message that asks you to submit personal information, such as credit card numbers, bank account details or your social security number, even if the message appears to have been sent from an official source.”

Corbett explained that it is common for scam artists to create email messages that appear to come from a bank, credit card company or similar business. Often, these messages warn consumers that their accounts will be frozen or suspended unless the consumer provides personal information to “confirm” their account.

“With national media attention focusing on potential computer problems related to this year’s early switch to Daylight Saving Time, it is possible that identity thieves will use this event as an opportunity to trick consumers into unknowingly giving up their personal information,” Corbett said.

Corbett said this type of scam is known as “Phishing,” and any information submitted by consumers is typically used in identity theft scams.

Corbett urged consumers to not respond to phishing emails, adding that legitimate businesses do not ask consumers to send personal information by email. Consumers who are concerned that their accounts may be compromised should contact their banks or credit card companies directly to determine if there is a problem.

Corbett also urged consumers to be cautious of email messages that purportedly contain information or links about updating computer software to adjust for the change in Daylight Saving Time. Instead, consumers who are concerned about their software or operating systems should visit the official websites for those companies or contact their customer support offices to determine what software updates are necessary.

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