New Twist in Houser Case

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield-based state police released new information in the Matthew Houser case.

According to a recent police report, Houser’s vehicle was damaged on March 3 by what appears to be the alleged victim in his most recent criminal case. For that story, click here.

Court documents indicated that Houser drove to where the woman had an accident, and he said she ran up to his truck, putting about five dents in the door. Houser also stated that around this time the woman struck him on the ear.

Houser is quoted in the documents saying that he did not want to have he woman arrested for denting his truck if she paid to get it fixed.

Damage to Houser’s truck is estimated at $1,515.63. 

PSP Clearfield was contacted as to the identity of the woman but as of posting time has not responded. GantDaily will continue to keep you up to date on this story as it unfolds.

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