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Hi there. I’ve been watching you for the last 30 minutes as you walked up and down the new release rack trying to decide between “Jackass 2” and “Talladega Nights.” Dude, I SAW you pick up that copy of “The Santa Clause 3.” It’s okay, man. Put it down and get away from that garbage.
Lookit, you and I, we work hard, right? And we don’t get out that much, right? And the last thing we need is to come home on a Friday night with a crappy movie. Life is too short for bad movies. Video Vault is here for you.

Now someone else could tell you that “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada” is a really good movie and you’d politely say “Thanks,” and just keep on walkin’. But when you get the recommendation from the Vault, you can pick up that movie with confidence. Taking advice relies on trusting the source. Video Vault and Gant Daily want to be your source for the greatest films on Earth.

To do so, we’ve concocted this little enticement. Click HERE to send us your name, city and email address and you will automatically be entered into our drawing to win a cool $100 smackers.  In return, you’ll get the scoop on all the best films available on video and DVD, direct to your inbox from the researchers at the Vault.

Here in the Vault, we rate on a scale of 1-10 and recommend only films that rate a 7 (“Worth Your Time”) or better. A Vault Rating of 10 is rare and is a perfect film.

Now look around you. Many of the films on the new release rack are pure junk. Some people like “Jackass 2,” but I’m not writing for those people. Vault will always point out the big movies that are sure to please, but we assume you already know “Spider Man 3” is coming out this summer. Rather, our reviews tend most often to feature great movies you might have missed or might not have even heard about.

For example, here are the ten best movies you’ve never seen in this store:

High Fidelity (2000) – A chick flick that works for guys too, John Cusack stars as the owner of a record shop trying to figure out why women always dump him. Jack Black became a star in his supporting role as a know-it-all record store clerk. Vault Rating: 8

Amelie (French, 2001) – You’ve recently seen Audrey Tautou starring opposite Tom Hanks in “The DaVinci Code,” which utterly pales in comparison to this good natured film about sex. Only the French can make a film like this, that rocketed around the world to universal acclaim. If you have never seen a foreign film, Vault strongly recommends you begin here. Vault Rating: 8.5

All or Nothing (Britain, 2002) – Writer/Director Mike Leigh’s story about love among the British working class pits a frumpy check out clerk against her chubby taxi driver beau. Ever wonder why love stories always star Julia Roberts and/or Hugh Grant? Leigh wipes out the stereotype with this gentle charmer. Vault Rating: 8

Why We Fight (2005) – Director Eugene Jarecki’s polemic on why America engages in war begins with Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex and ends in the present day middle east. A bit like watching a history channel program, but Vault has never seen so many powerful pieces of information laid end to end. A real education in 98 minutes and a must see. Vault Rating: 10

Junebug (2005) – A chicago art dealer travels to her husband’s bible belt home town and uncovers a side of him she hadn’t expected. Amy Adams nearly steals the whole movie as a simple country girl. Funny and honest and unspoiled by the presence of big stars. Vault Rating: 8

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) – This film came roaring out of Sundance last year and is a funny little keeper. It is the story of a chubby little girl who enters a beauty pageant to surprising results. Vault Rating: 8

Elephant – Gus Van Sant’s 2003 Golden Palm winner slowly builds a sense of dread as a passive camera follows students at a Columbine type high school through a disturbingly ordinary day. Vault Rating: 8

Rabbit Proof Fence (Austrailia, 2002) – In 1931, three aboriginal girls escape after being plucked from their homes to be trained as domestic staff and set out on a death defying trek across the Outback. Awesome adventure based on true events. Vault Rating: 8

Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006) – One of the most important films of 2006 and on Vault’s top ten, this is the surprising story of how General Motors made a terrific electric car, the EV1, in the 1990s and then killed it before it could catch on. Vault Rating: 9

11:14 (2003) – A terrific cast starring no-names and featuring the likes of Hillary Swank, Barbara Hershey and Patrick Swayze in perhaps the best role of his career. 11:14 is the time of night when things go “splat” in Middleton, “A happy place to live!” Vault Rating: 8

My Neighbor Totoro (Japan, 1988) – Hayao Miyazaki is the preeminent animator on Earth. His films are always full of imagination and beauty, but none more than this story about two girls who move to the country and encounter wondrous spirits that live nearby. You will find this misfiled in the children’s section. A must see. Vault Rating: 10

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