Osceola Mills Borough Releases Secretary/Treasurer

OSCEOLA MILLS – The deciding vote to terminate a borough employee came down to the mayor at Monday’s meeting of the Osceola Mills Borough Council.

After a long silence, a motion to terminate Mary Askey as the secretary/treasurer for the borough was finally seconded. The motion was made after an executive session held during the meeting to discuss personel.

Askey was suspended until further notice at an emergency meeting of council on Feb. 12.

The vote was split three for the termination and three against. Those against the termination cited fear about the future as well as what Askey may have been told or what she understood.

“You can’t keep a bad employee just because you’re afraid,” said Helen Blake, council member.

Ida Reams, council president, said her reasons for voting yes had to do with items discussed during the executive session.

Paul Cowher, mayor, said that he was voting to terminate because of things he had witnessed and been involved in.

There was some discussion that when candidates are reviewed to fill the position that thorough background checks are done.

Those who voted no were Janice Miles, Ray Reams, and Merle Timchak. Those who voted yes were Ida Reams, Blake, Vicki Smith, and Cowher.

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