Community and Schools Join Together to Promote Learning … About Penguins.

BIGLER – Each year in January or February, Bradford and West Branch second grade slementary school students study the penguins of Antarctica.

Nine years ago the teachers ask Ray S. Walker to show his slides to the students of his trip to the Antarctica and the penguins. He has been doing it each year since.

However, it has grown to involve more people and different ways to create excitement in learning. 

Walker has encouraged local business to be involved with the enhancement of the education program.

This year and for the past several years, Dr. Donna Tubbs has been showing her personal slides of the penguins of the Antarctica.

The “Giant Penguin” is scheduled to make an appearance and distribute pencil sharpeners to each student.

Penguin T- shirts will be presented to each student by Derek A. Walker of Walker Financial service.

Dairy Queen penguin cakes will be served to all attending. 

Ray S. Walker said he enjoys organizing the enhancement program to the elementary school second grade program because he thinks education is very important at any age.

This year’s program will be Thursday starting at 10:30 a.m. at Bradford Elementary School. The second program will be at West Branch Elementary School at 1:30 p.m.

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