Seventy-Eight Coyotes Taken in 16th Annual Hunt

FRENCHVILLE – A Mercer County hunter brought in the largest coyote at the Mosquito Creek Sportsmen Club’s 16th annual coyote hunt over the weekend, earning him a purse of more than $7,000.

Chris Haines took a 47.30-pound male using dogs.

Bob Hendrickson, Montour County, took second place, winning $4,656; and Nick Greer, Warren County, took third place, winning $3,104.

A total of 78 coyotes were harvested, and the $15,520 collected in entry fees was divided among all coyotes brought in. Each successful hunter received $198.97 for each coyote killed

Lou Marrara, club president, said that despite the weather and snow accumulation, the club had a fantastic hunt.

There were hunters from all parts of the state who called in to the club, wishing them a great hunt. They said they were sad they couldn’t participate this year due to the snow.

Marrara also said that when the club has a total payout of $31,040, 3,880 registered hunters and 35 different counties represented with a top prize of $7,760, the club must be oing something right.

Clearfield County lead the way with hunters harvesting 10 coyotes.

Mosquito Creek thanks all who supported and cooperated with the hunt, one the club calls the “biggest anywhere.”

Seventy-eight coyotes were taken this year, and organizers are prepared to see 100 taken next year.

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