Clearfield Woman Waives Hearing on Tampering Charges

CLEARFIELD – Tammy Ann Graham, 40, Clearfield, waived her right to a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

Graham is charged with tampering with public records or information, tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, and three counts of violation of rules. Charges of forgery and tampering with records or identification were withdrawn in exchange for a guilty plea.

The charges stem from incidents ranging between Dec. 12, 2005 and Nov. 20, 2006.

According to court records, a woman contacted police with a complaint that she was having trouble getting a title to a vehicle she had purchased. She related to police that after she purchased the vehicle she went to Graham, a notary, and the necessary paperwork was completed. She then received a temporary registration.

After several months she contacted Graham and informed her that the temporary inspection was set to expire and she still had not received anything from PennDOT. A few weeks later she contacted Graham again and stated she had not received her paperwork, and her car was due for inspection. A short time later Graham was reported to have informed the woman to write a lengthy number across the top of her temporary registration.

When the woman went to get her inspection, the mechanic would not accept the number on her temporary registration, and did not inspect the vehicle. The woman reported to police that she contacted state Rep. Lynn Herman’s (R-77) office.

The woman went back to Graham and was issued another pink temporary registration. Her vehicle was inspected, but the temporary registration expired and she contacted police.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police spoke with Graham on Nov. 21. Graham allegedly told police that she remembered doing the paperwork for the car but could not locate it at the time. She informed police that she did not remember giving the woman a number to write to write on her temporary registration. She did admit that she had never received authorization from PennDOT to grant the woman an extension on her paperwork. She related that the paperwork had been submitted several times and rejected, though she was reported to have no proof of this.

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