Letter to Sports Editor – What\’s a first grader to do?

Dear Sports Editor:

Decisions, decisions. What\’s a first grader to do?

I\’m in first grade. I need some activity. I really like sports. I\’ve been on soccer teams and a flag football team. I just want to have fun. Win or lose I just want McDonalds after the game. So do most of my buddies.

I figured I\’d try a few different sports, then stick with the one(s) that I really enjoy. During the winter it\’s hard to get any activity going. Then I heard in school about sports for fun.

Like I said, I played soccer before. I like it. Now there\’s indoor soccer — sign me up.
I\’ve never really played basketball, but I like the hoop at my pap\’s house — sign me up.
I love the WWE (even though my parent\’s don\’t). I know it isn\’t like TV wrestling, but I\’ll try it — sign me up.

Do you believe I was going to try all these sports, just for fun? And I convinced my parents to let me try them all?

When\’s basketball? Saturday from 9 to 10:30.
When\’s soccer? Saturday from 9:30 to 10:30.
When\’s wrestling? Saturday from 10 to 11:30.

Hmmmmm, what\’s a first grader to do?

Well, tell Coach Glunt I can\’t make basketball practice. Don\’t want to just get started and have to leave for soccer so soon.

Well, tell the \”British Bulldog\” Colin Howell I can\’t make it. Gotta go and wrestle, so I can be like my hero, John Cena.

Heck with it. Tell coaches Barger and Bloom that by 10, I\’ll probably just be playing my PS2.

I\’d rather just be a statistic and play video games than make such a hard decision.

What\’s a first grader to do?

Confused First Grader

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