Motion to Offer Sandy Township Lower Settlement Amount Dies on the Table

DUBOIS – A motion made by DuBois City Mayor John “Herm” Suplizio to lower the amount that Sandy Township owes the city in settlement money died for lack of a motion at Tuesday night’s DuBois City Council meeting. The offer of $1.5 million would be offered only if Sandy Township officials agreed to not appeal the $1.7 million in retroactive fees that the city calculated the township owes the city. 

Suplizio offered the reduction as both a good-will gesture and as a way to put the whole issue behind both municipalities.

“Will they (Sandy Township) accept, I don’t know,” said Suplizio before the vote. “I”m looking at putting this behind us.”

When asked whether or not the $200,000 proposed savings to the township would cover the city’s legal costs for the township’s appeal, DuBois City Solicitor Toni Cherry noted the amount would far exceed legal costs for the city. She noted that legal costs for Sandy Township, however, would be at least be double to triple the amount the city would pay.

One council member did not agree with giving Sandy Township a savings, however. William Boyle said that if anyone should get a savings on their sewer rates, it should be the taxpayers and residents of DuBois City.

DuBois City resident Doyle Dressler commented on the lower settlement amount before the meeting. Dressler said he felt it was a “serious mistake”

“You’re playing fast and loose with the taxpayer money,” Dressler told the mayor.

What the other council members thought about the proposed lower settlement amount is unknown. No other council members commented on the issue.

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