Clearfield Junior High Wrestlers Beat Punxsy 51-37

Clearfield — As a prelude to the varsity match on Tuesday night, the Clearfield Junior High squad was involved in an exciting match against the visiting Chucks.

Down 31-15 at one point, the Bisons ran off a 7 match winning streak to reverse a 16 point deficit to a 20 point lead. Shane Harper started the momentum with a fall at 122 and Cliff Hill ended the roll with a pin at 185.

Other Little Bisons picking up pins on the night were: Tanner Ogden, Derek Danver, and Dan Henderlong.

The Junior High squad will again kick off a night of wrestling on Thursday when they wrestle at BEA before the varsity hits the mat.

250 Jimmy Dean (P) won by forfeit 6-0 (P)
75 Frank Aveni (C) won by forfeit 6-6
80 Sam Barton (C) dec. Jordan Bullers 9-4 6-9 (C)
85 Tanner Ogden (C) pinned Braden Sallack :36 6-15 (C)
90 Neko Cappella (P) major dec. Shane Peters 12-3 11-15 (C)
95 Seth Spack (P) pinned Cody Lansberry 4:13 17-15 (P)
100 Kody Young (P) LBMD 0-5 Max Von Gunden  22-15 (P)
105 Shadiya Howell (P) dec. Troy Danver 5-0 25-15 (P)
110 Nathan McGregor (P) dec. Andrew Hill 8-6 28-15 (P)
115 Duell Thompson (P) dec. Dalton Cole 6-1 31-15 (P)
122 Shane Harper (C) pinned Jeremy Neese 1:13 31-21 (P)
130 Garrett Samsel (C) won by forfeit 31-27 (P)
138 Derek Danver (C) pinned Skye Neale 1:45 31-33 (C)
145 Will Beausigneur (C) dec. Derek Kerr 3-1 31-36 (C)
155 Dan Henderlong (C) pinned Jason Corle 3:54 31-42 (C)
165 Justin Kanouff (C) dec. Tige Woodson 6-0 31-45 (C)
185 Cliff Hill pinned (C) Drue Crooks :33 31-51 (C)
210 Matt Meko (P) pinned Lance Toy 4:09 37-51 (C) Final

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