Residents Warned to Stay Off PA Waste Property

WEST DECATUR – A letter from PA Waste LLC’s engineer is sending a message to people who might think about trespassing on the landfill company’s Boggs Township property: Think again.

Randy Wood, project manager with Marshall Miller and Associates Inc., sent a letter to the Boggs Township Supervisors after concern over activities on the proposed site of the Camp Hope Run Landfill.

Wood said concern during the Nov. 13 meeting about “tanks” on the northern portion of the property led him to write the letter.

“The only recent activity at the site, in the subject area, is associated with the construction of a wetland passive treatment system,” the letter stated.

The system was installed by the previous landowner to satisfy a water treatment obligation associated with the Al Hamilton Construction Co. Kauffman North surface mine permit.

Several small “seeps” were discovered on the land, and a collection system called for the installation system of several concrete cisterns to collect the discharges so they could be piped to ponds. Seven cisterns were ordered, but only five were used. Therefore, two cisterns, 60 inches in diameter and 66 inches tall, remain at the site. The extra cisterns will be removed from the site in the future.

As a result of the question regarding the cisterns, Wood’s letter stated: “It would appear that unauthorized individual(s) are entering the property for unknown reasons.”

The property is posted, and all entrances to the property are gated and locked. Wood said the property was posted to prevent the unauthorized use of all-terrain vehicles on the site and for safety reasons.

Wood also said in the letter that PA Waste “strongly discourages unauthorized individuals from entering the property without the knowledge or expressed permission of PA Waste.”

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