Supervisors Discuss Parking Issues, Parking Ordinance

CLEARFIELD – Parking issues and a parking ordinance were topics of discussion at Tuesday’s meeting of the Lawrence Township Superviors. 

Clearfield Middle School Principal Tim Meckey presented a parking issue to the Lawrence Township Supervisors. Meckey said that more and more parents are picking their children up at school this year, and that despite measures taken by the school, child safety still remains a big concern. Meckey added that due to measures taken by the school for student pick-up, some parents are parking in front of the Lawrence Township Fire Hall. Meckey said he is concerned about the students crossing the busy road to get to their parents’ vehicles. 

Meckey noted that he has been in contact with Lawrence Township Fire Co. 1’s chief Jas Catherman about the station putting parking signage in front of the fire hall and fire station. 

Meckey encouraged parents to have their children ride the school buses as well.

Lawrence Township Supervisor Chairman William Lawhead commented that he was aware of this problem. Lawhead said that Catherman had informed him of an incident in which Catherman had to tell parents to move their vehicles from in front bay doors to the station. 

Lawhead said that the fire department is looking into purchasing signs. He said that if and when they do, the township will help them put the signs up.

The issue of parking has been something that the supervisors and their solicitor James Naddeo have been looking at for the last few months. The supervisors and their solicitor have been working on parking ordinance that would curb problems like the one that Meckey and Catherman have been experiencing.

One question at hand was whether the Lawrence Township Police Department could cite people for parking in the lot once the signs go in. According to the proposed ordinance, Lawrence Township Police would be able to enforce parking at the fire hall and station through the ordinance. The ordinance would prohibit parking in at any place where official signs prohibit parking. It would also prohibit parking in culdesacs, as well as within 20-feet of the driveway entrance to any fire station or when property posted, on the side of a street opposite the entrance of any fire station within 75-feet of the entrance.

The ordinance also addresses issues of snow removal. Once adopted, the ordinance will prohibit parking a vehicle on any road, street and public right-of-way in Lawrence Township between Nov. 15 and April 1. It will also be unlawful to throw, shovel or move, pile or dump snow or ice removed from a sidewalk, driveway or other areas onto the roadway.

The supervisors approved the ordinance, though it has not passed yet. A number of steps must be taken yet before the ordinance can be adopted.

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