Plum Pox Quarantine Lifted in Parts of Adams, Cumberland and York Counties

HARRISBURG – Quarantines have been lifted in parts of Adams, Cumberland and York counties for Plum Pox Virus, a disease that severely affects fruit production, Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff said today.

Huntington and Latimore townships and the borough of York Springs in Adams County, Dickinson Township in Cumberland County and Franklin Township in York County have been released from a three-year quarantine following sampling of commercial and residential fruit trees. Also in Adams County, the area of Tyrone Township between State Highway 324 and Cranberry Road has been released from quarantine.

“Pennsylvania has handled Plum Pox Virus very aggressively, and the lifting of this quarantine is proof that our efforts are working,” said Wolff. “There is still much to be done, and the eradication program will continue in 2007 so we can help sustain our fruit industry and local economies in the impacted counties.”

Where quarantine is issued, certain stone fruit trees, known as the Prunus species, may not be planted within the quarantine zone. Prunus species include: peach, nectarine, apricot, cherry and plum fruit trees, as well as ornamental trees and shrubs such as purple-leaf plum, sand cherry, flowering peach and flowering almond trees.

Infected fruit may appear deformed or blemished and could drop prematurely from trees, but causes no harm to animals or people who eat the fruit.

Property owners in the released municipalities can once again plant stone fruit trees.

The following townships/boroughs continue to be quarantined for Plum Pox:
— Adams County – portions of Butler, Franklin, Menallen, and Tyrone townships
— Cumberland County – South Middleton Township
— York County – Monaghan Township

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