Hearing Held for Woman Accused of Burglary, Special Relationship Discovered

CLEARFIELD – A hearing for a Philipsburg woman accused of a panty-clad burglary revealed a special relationship between her and the alleged victim.

The alleged victim, a Clearfield man, testified that on the night of June 24, he was lying in bed when he heard noise. He heard footsteps in the hallway and looked up to see 30-year-old Renne J. Barger at the doorway to another room in his home. He believed that Barger was going to take a music device when he yelled at her.

The man also stated that he saw Barger wearing a tank top and her underwear while this was supposedly taking place.

The man then stated that she took off down the hallway and down into the basement and outside from a door in the basement. The man stated that all of the doors in the house were locked except a storm door to the basement, but that the door behind that was locked. He also denied giving Barger a key to his residence.

The man stated that Barger left sandals and an umbrella in the residence, and a pair of latex gloves in the living room.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, a neighbor reported to police as to seeing a woman leaving the residence in a tank top and green-colored underwear, and that the woman was also shoeless.

The man testified that he met Barger on Sept. 7, 2005 and would treat Barger to dinner at various places in Clearfield and DuBois. He said he treated her a total of 22 times, and that she had visited his home 28 times. He said that on June 9 she offered to treat him to Dairy Queen. He said that after June 9, he had no contact with her again until the night of June 24 when he saw her in his house.

Under cross-examination, the man said that he would give her money after they would go to dinner or do things. The man said that after they would go to dinner, they would come back to his house where they would watch tapes and Barger would give him a massage. The man said that nothing “nasty” occurred.

The man further revealed under cross that he sometimes rubbed her thighs and breasts during these massages, and she would rub him in various places. The man stated that there was no sex, just rubbing. 

Clearfield Borough Police officer Matt Mallon also took the stand and testified as to what happened during the initial investigation of the burglary.

After an argument for bail modification, Barger was released on $10,000 unsecured bail. During the bail argument Magisterial District Judge Patrick N. Ford revealed that Barger had posted bail on a $25,000 bail bond in Centre County.

Felony charges of burglary and criminal trespass were held to court by Ford.

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