Drug Charges Held for DuBois Man

CLEARFIELD – All charges against a DuBois man were held over for court following a hearing on several felony drug counts.

Kenneth A. Luchini, 44, was driving on Turnpike Avenue Oct. 21 when a Lawrence Township police officer stopped his vehicle because of an expired inspection sticker.

The officer testified at a preliminary hearing Wednesday that Luchini was asked for his identification, registration and inspection. Luchini was not able to produce any of those documents. After the officer radioed Luchini’s information to county control, he learned that Luchini’s driver’s license was suspended and the car was not registered. The officer then asked Luchini to step out of the vehicle.

During the officer’s pat-down, a syringe was felt through Luchini’s pocket. The officer asked him to take the item out of his pocket, as a safety precaution.

When Luchini took the syringe out of his pocket, he also took out two containers and $2,335 in cash.

Inside those containers were six packages of crystal methamphetamine, three packages of cocaine and one of marijuana.

Curwensville Borough’s police dog was brought in, and a search of Luchini’s vehicle yeilded more cash, $11,300, all in $100 bills. Also found were three cell phones, 12 grinding wheels and two driver’s licenses that did not belong to Luchini.

Luchini is in jail in lieu of $50,000 straight bail.

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