Pandemic Drill at Hospital This Week

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Hospital is staging a pandemic influenza practice exercise tomorrow and Friday at the hospital.

During this drill, hospital personnel will implement their response plan, which includes heightened security of the facility, creation of a command center to field inquiries and vaccinations for hospital staff.

The drill will not impact delivery of medical care — patients and visitors will be able to enter the hospital through the Turnpike Avenue, Emergency Department/Outpatient and Medical Arts Building entrances.

“We emphasize this is a practice exercise and not an actual outbreak. Our goal is to move through our response plan to ensure what we have planned will work well in real life. We believe our plan is thorough, but we will take action if the exercise demonstrates a need for revisions,” Deloris Gibson, drill coordinator and food services director, said.

Clearfield and Philipsburg area school districts will also participate and implement their pandemic action plans.

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