Area Trick-Or-Treat Nights and Tips for Your Own ‘Hauntings’

Area trick-or-treaters need to know what night to take to the sidewalks in search of chocolatey and ghoulishly sweet treats.

Designated trick-or-treat nights for area municipalities are listed below.

If your municipality isn’t listed, check back later. If you’re an area official, and you’d like to add your township, borough or city, send a message through our Virtual Newsroom.

Also, read about Halloween safety and find information to have the best Halloween party ever below.


Trick or Treat Nights in Area Communities:
Boggs Township: Tuesday, October 31 from 6-8 p.m.

Bradford Township: Tuesday, October 31 from 6-9 p.m.

Clearfield Borough: Tuesday, October 31 from 6-8 p.m.

DuBois City: Tuesday, October 31 from 5-7 p.m.

Houtzdale Borough: Tuesday, October 31 from 6-8 p.m.

Lawrence Township: Tuesday, October 31 from 6-8 p.m.

Sandy Township: Tuesday, October 31 from 5-7 p.m.

Trick or Treat Events in the Area:

“Hall”-O-Ween at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Clearfield — All ages and all people are invited for trick-or-treating the halls of the church from 5-7 p.m. Sunday, October 29. There will be pumpkin and costume contests, apple bobbing, games, music, food and more from 7-9 p.m. The church is located at 217 E. Pine St.

Clearfield Halloween Parade on Oct. 30: Click here for more information.


The Gant Media Team wants to be sure that your little (and big) goblins stay safe this Halloween. Read on to find out some tips to make sure that the spooky day is fun for everyone.

Tips For Kids

– Be sure your child can easily see out of his or her costume and that it is is fire-proof.
– Keep jack-o-lanterns with candles away from traffic paths on your porch so that little costumes aren’t close to the flame.
– If your child is carrying something such as a magic wand or a fake sword, make certain that the tips are smooth and bendable.
– When trick-or-treating, go only to familiar houses that have porch lights on.
– Make sure your children carry a flashlight or have reflective tape on their costumes while trick-or-treating.
– Little ones should be watched over while making jack-o-lanterns. Remember that pumpkin-carving tools are sharp enough to go through skin.
– Children should be taught safety every day to keep them more safe while trick-or-treating. Remember, look both ways, no talking to strangers and check all candy!
– Make your Halloween a fantastically fun and super safe, and your kids will continue the tradition! 

Tips for Adults

– If you aren’t going along for the treats, know w the route your kids will be taking if you are not accompanying them.
– Set a curfew for kids, and let them know the importance of keeping it.
– Explain the difference between tricks and vandalism to children.  

Tips For Throwing A Halloween Party

– Move any breakable or valuable items to another room if you’re throwing a house party.
– Plan games in advance. Some to try include classics such as bobbing for apples and costume contests, but try others like a murder mystery (Did the butler really do it?) or a scavenger hunt (Can you find a jack-o-lantern with a frown?).
– See if other moms and dads will lend a hand with party planning if it is an all-kid bash. 
– If alcohol is part of the party for adults, offer plenty of food and arrange for safe rides home or overnight accommodations for guests.

Tips For Pet Safety

– Leaving Fido or Fluffy outside on Halloween is not recommended.
– Don’t feed pets chocolate.
– Keep candy out of pets’ reach
– Keep candle-lit pumpkins away from areas where animals can come in contact with them.
– Use care when dressing pets in costumes. Watch them for signs of discomfort. 

Tips For Costume Safety

– Costumes should be made of flame-retardant material.
– Costumes should be bright enough to be seen at night (or use reflective tape).
– Don’t let kids wear high-heeled shoes or long costumes that could be a trip hazard.  
– Ensure that masks can be seen out of, at the front AND at the sides.

More of Gant Media’s tips for a spooktacular Halloween party!!

Brew up happy Halloween memories this year with these tips from the experts at Costume Express, a creator and retailer of costumes for the whole family.

Set a spooky scene with these frightfully fun ideas:

— Get creative with pumpkins — add glitter or sequins for a glam gourd, or paint a funny face and use as a whimsical topper for your scarecrow
— Place dry ice and hot water in a witch’s cauldron to create spooky fog
— Add ambiance with a CD of spooky sounds

Brew up some creepy cuisine — These recipes are designed to “stick to the ribs” of any skeleton:

— Spider Cake: Prepare your favorite chocolate cake in two round pans. Layer, and spread chocolate frosting on the sides, vanilla on top.
Make several concentric circles of chocolate frosting on the top of the cake, and drag a toothpick from the outer circle to the inner circle at
approximately six different points to create a wispy web design. Craft a spider by placing a chocolate donut near the cake’s center and adding
eight licorice legs. Use gumdrops for eyes and candy corn for pincers.
— Witch’s Brew: Combine 12 whole cloves, six whole allspice berries, three cinnamon sticks, and orange peel and place inside a square of
cheesecloth. Bring ends of cheesecloth together and tie off. Pour two quarts apple cider and 1/4 cup maple syrup (optional) into a large pot
and simmer with spices for 3-5 minutes. Remove spices and serve in mugs with cinnamon stick garnish.

Plan ghoulish games to keep little goblins busy before trick-or-treat time:

— Batty Race: Decorate 2 baseball bats with construction paper bat wings. Line up two teams and place the bats about 25-30 feet away. When you announce “Go Batty!” the first player from each team must race to a bat, hold the handle while touching the opposite end to the floor, put
their forehead on the bat, run around the bat three times (keeping forehead on bat), and speed back to the next player. The first team to finish
— Sticky Web: Draw a spiderweb on cardboard and cut Velcro sticky-back tape (available at most fabric stores) into strips to match the length
of each web line. Stick the hook side of the tape onto the cardboard (to make sure you’re using the correct side, see if a cotton ball sticks to it). This game is played much like darts, so assign point values to each section of the web. Glue on several plastic spiders for decoration, and hang on a wall. Players take turns throwing cotton balls from a designated distance. Select a score for everyone to aim for and play until someone has accumulated enough points to reach that number.

Capture memories with these tips from the portrait professionals:

— Sometimes a frown, a wail, or even a sleeping baby can make a great photo — don’t shy away from capturing a variety of expressions to
showcase your child’s personality this Halloween
— Use a Halloween prop, such as a jack-o-lantern or treat pail, to add fun and dimension to your photo
— Get the family involved — include grandparents in the photo or dress siblings in coordinating costumes 


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