Judge Cherry Holds on Decision Regarding Sentence Reconsideration

CLEARFIELD – Almost three weeks after being sentenced for drug charges, Mario Cumberbatch requested a reconsideration of his sentence.

Cumberbatch was charged in relation to a drug bust on Park Avenue that took place on April 5. Cumberbatch, Lee Jackson, Amber Ickes, Trevor Sheaffer, and Rason Battle were all arrested. Police found $3,000 in cash, a stolen handgun, and seized an estimated $5,000 worth of drugs from Ickes’  Park Avenue apartment.

No other participants have been sentenced in the matter yet.

His attorney, John Sisto, argued the motion before Clearfield County Judge Paul E. Cherry. Sisto pointed out the difference in a time served sentence in relation to county incarceration versus state incarceration. Sisto argued that in a state sentence, the 184 days that Cumberbatch had already served would not count toward his sentence time.

Cherry made no decision on the issue at this time.

“I’ll take it under advisement,” said Cherry to Sisto.

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