DuBois City Solicitor Releases Letter to RHJ Medical Center

DUBOIS – Toni Cherry, solicitor for the City of DuBois, released a letter she compiled to RHJ Medical Center in DuBois. 

RHJ Medical Center announced their intentions to open a drug treatment facility in DuBois at the last regular meeting of the DuBois City Council.

At that meeting, Cherry argued that the medical center was in the proximity of a public park, violating Act 10, which states certain areas methadone treatment facilities are not allowed to operate in proximity of.

In her letter, Cherry supports her argument that the Beaver Meadow Walkway is a public park. Cherry cited a letter by Michael DiBerardinis, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources on behalf of the governor that “the Beaver Meadow Walkway Park Rehabilitation and Development Project was approved for a grant in the amount of $51,000 from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Community Conservation Partnerships Program.”

“Obviously,” the letter states, “if the Beaver Meadow Walkway were not a public park, it would not be eligible for grant monies under this program.

Cherry also cited a letter in which Kim McCullough, recreation and park advisor with DCNR, congratulated the DuBois City Redevelopment Authority on the renovation of the walkway.

“The contents of the letter speak for themselves and there can be no question that this is a congratulatory letter resulting from the city’s proper use of the grant funds awarded to it,” said Cherry in the letter.

Cherry also noted that the city has been advised that changes were made to the structure since RHJ moved in. Cherry cited a city code in which a Certificate of Use must be applied for.

“I respectfully advise that it is the position of the City of DuBois that you need to request a Certificate of Use and you need to request permission of the City of DuBois to operate a methadone treatment facility,” said Cherry.

On council’s behalf, Cherry asked that the medical facility not open their doors until they receive the Certificate of Use.

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