The Meaning of G.A.N.T.

The gig is up, and the news is out, with hundreds of participants in the acronym guessing game, we received entries like “Get All News Timely,” “Great Area News Team,” and “Get Accurate News Today.”  Maybe we like a little air of mystery, but as promised, today is the day we unveil the true meaning of G.A.N.T. Please click HERE for the answer.

It is what we do best, publish today’s news today, providing you with a valuable, immediate source for local news and information — for free. We’re having fun and appreciate you, our fellow Ganters, and hope you will continue to visit us daily and stay informed, entertained and connected!

Now onto the good stuff … the winner of $100 cash, chosen at random drawing from all of the correct entries received is … (drum roll) Jeff Bellmore.  Ten other correct entrants will be notified by e-mail to receive the official GantDaily T-shirt.

Thank you for participating and remember to stay connected to Gant for upcoming promotions and contests.

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