Hesston ends season with six division show

HESSTON, PA – Hesston Speedway presented its final show of the 2006 season Sunday after washing out on Saturday and saw 64 cars fill the pits in six divisions. Rodland’s Crank Grinding Service & Automotive Machine Shop presented the six division show with Mike Shoemaker winning the George’s Used Cars Limited Late Models, Joe Biasi won the Ritchey’s Well Drilling PA 305 Sprint main while Ken Taylor won his first run what you brung Sheffield’s Auto Sales Street Stock feature with Rick Potter winning in the Dively’s Auto Body Hobby Stocks, Chad Gambol won the V-8 guard rail feature and Jonathan Sheild won the four cylinder guard rail main.

A five car pile-up at the start of the limited late model feature sent Mike Duck, Derek Byler and Justin Kann to the pits for the night. On the complete restart Mike Shoemaker took the lead and set the pace with Tim Smith Jr. in second and Jake Griffith third. The top three stayed that was, but the rest of the field didn’t. Fourth place back changed often and when the checkered flag waved the top five were Shoemaker, Smith, Griffith, Chase Billett and Andy Fries. Heat wins went to Mike Shoemaker and Mike Duck.

The sprints saw a quick spin on the back stretch with one lap complete. On the restart, Joe Biasi remained in the lead and left the field sitting. Biasi was quickly leaving the field behind as he pulled to a quarter lap lead and had lapped up to and including the seventh place car. When Gary Deem waved the checkered flag it was all Biasi winning over Craig Robinson, Brian Sweitzer, Gary Heckman and Jim Kennedy. Heat wins went to Joe Biasi and Craig Robinson.

Ken Taylor led the street stock run–what-u-brung show and he took the lead at the start and set the pace. Khi Swanger and Jason Walker fought for second and third early on with Walker falling out of the race on lap 12. Bill Heffner and Jim Bookwalter then fought for position with Taylor holding on to win his career first Hesston feature. Swanger was second with Heffner, Bookwalter and Dave Brown completing the top five. Heat wins went to Ken Taylor and Jason Walker.

The hobby feature saw Joe Dearmitt take the lead at the start and lead Curtis Guyer and Jake Gongloff. Dearmitt lost power and pitted on lap eight with Guyer taking the lead and holding off Rick Potter the rest of the race, but Guyer failed the post race inspection, giving the win to Potter. Ryan Sager, Lou Wannyn, Gongloff and Jeff Shoemaker completed the top five. Heat wins went to Joe Dearmitt and Lou Wannyn.

The V-8 Guard Rail cars made their first visit to the speedway with Chad Gambol taking the lead at the start and holding off Bruce Ginther Jr. the whole race. When the checkered flag waved it was Gambol taking the win ahead of Ginther, Paul Gambol, Jim Dearmitt and Brandi Mills. The heats were won by Chad Gambol and Bruce Ginther Jr.

The four cylinder guard rail cars paid a surprise visit to the speedway with Jeff Treece taking the lead from fellow pole sitter Jonathan Shield at the start. Treece was setting the pace, with Shield a close second and Ron McCartney third. On lap five Shield took the lead from Treece and held it for two laps before Treece regained the lead. A lap later it was Shield back in the lead and this time he held on for the win. The top five included Shield, Treece, Keith Walls, Tim Brindle and McCartney. The heat was won by Jonathan Shield.

PIT NOTES: 64 cars filled the pits, including 19 limited late models, 13 sprints, 13 street stocks, 12 hobby stocks, 10 V-8 Guard Rail cars and 7 4-cylinder Guard Rail cars…The season is now over except the banquet and that will culminate on Nov. 18 at the Jaffe Mosque in Altoona. Details are on the website at www.hesstonspeedway.com…Additional information on the 2007 season will also be on the website.

George’s Used Cars Limited Late Models: 1. #8\” Mike Shoemaker; 2. #39 Tim Smith Jr., 3. #50 Jake Griffith, 4. #22 Chase Billet, 5. #82 Andie Friese, 6. #77 George Dixon Jr., 7. #5Z Brian Lessley, 8. #79 Mike Altobelli Jr., 9. #17 Brad Kling, 10. #72 Steve Bard, 11. #SR3 Ronnie Evans, 12. #38 Chad Walters, 13. #123 Chris Knuth, 14. #73J James Andrews III, 15. #18 Bill Booher, 16. #99 Tim Snare Jr., 17. #5* Derek Byler, 18. #66 Justin Kann, 19. #73 Mike Duck

Ritchey’s Well Drilling PA 305 Sprint: 1. #3B Joey Biasi, 2. #16 Craig Robinson, 3. #1 Brian Sweitzer, 4. #3H Gary Heckman, 5. #7 Jim Kennedy, 6. #R6 Reed Thompson, 7. #21C Lee Cavalet, 8. #88 Jim Wentz, 9. #3 Johnny Hagan, 10. #71 Nicole Bittner, 11. #79 Mel Light, 12. #98S Dave Wilson, 13. #89 DJ Holland

Sheffield’s Auto Sales Street Stock: 1. #180 Ken Taylor, 2. #88 Khi Swanger, 3. #59B Bill Heffner, 4. #01 Jimmer Bookwalter, 5. #110 Dave Brown, 6. #6 Wayne Hawbaker, 7. #29 Mark Whitsel, 8. #31G Mike Grubb, 9. #1 Jason Walker, 10. #13 Scott White, 11. #24 Mike Duguay, 12. #45 Tim Brindle

Dively’s Auto Body Hobby Stocks: 1. #11 Rick Potter, 2. #22 Ryan Sager, 3. #77 Lou Wyann, 4. #10 Jake Gongloff, 5. #8\” Jeff Shoemaker, 6. #32 Dale Claycomb, 7. #71 Curtis Heath, 8. #21 Joe Dearmitt, 9. #66 Carl Snare

V-8 Guard Rail Cars: 1. #13 Chad Gambol, 2. #28 Bruce Ginther Jr., 3. #85 Paul Gambol, 4. #10 Jim Dearmitt, 5. #73 Brandi Mills, 6. #85F Steve Fredrick, 7. #21 Mel Dearmitt, 8. #44 Mark Galven, 9. #1J James Andrews Sr., 10. #19 Danny Atherton

Four Cylinder Guard Rail Cars:1. #21 Jonathan Shield, 2. #56 Jeff Treece, 3. #3C Keith Walls, 4. #45 Tim Brindle, 5. #69R Ron McCartney, 6. #20 Ethan Runk, 7. #02 Mark Price

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