Hesston Speedway Results

HESSTON, PA – The Delores and Landis Rinier Memorial Race Night was sponsored by Corbi Rinier at Hesston Speedway this week with Gary Heckman taking the Richey’s Well Drilling PA 305 Sprint feature and Chad Myers picking up the point title.

Mike Shoemaker won the George’s Used Cars Limited Late Model feature with Bill replogle winning his first Dively’s Auto Body Hobby stock feature with his dad, John Replogle the substitute flagman. 
Bill Henney won the Sheffields Auto Sales Street Stock special and took home $730 for his efforts including lap and bonus money.

The sprint cars ended their point season with Rod Peters and Gary Heckman on the front row. Heckman darted into the lead and was holding his own with Joe Zap in second and Peters falling to third. The first of four reds flew on lap one when Nichole Bittner hit the front stretch wall and caught fire. She was ok.

The race resumed and went red again when “Cowboy” Jim Kennedy and Nathan Gramley tangled and hit the front stretch wall hard. Again, they were ok. The reace resumed for four laps, with Heckman still setting the pace with Zap still second and Peters and Ryan Lynn in third and fourth. Chad Myers was fifth in his brother’s car. The battle for second was heating up and Peters and Lynn got together with both flipping wildly through the corner. Lynn went off the speedway while the Peters car stopped on the track. They were not hurt.

The race saw Heckman continuing to hold the lead when second place Zap caught a tire in turn two and flipped his mount on lap 13. This set up a two lap shoot-out as the time limit had expired. Heckman was able to hold on for the win as Myers was close to him but could not get the win. The top five at the finish were: Heckman, Myers, Tommy Beavers, Joe Biasi and Andy Haus. Heat wins went to Ryan Lynn, Nathan Gramley and D.J. Myers.

Jake Griffith led the limited late model field into the first turn but he promptly broke and was out for the night. This allowed Tim Smith Jr. to take the lead and set the pace, but Mike Altobelli Jr. was hot on his bumper and setting the pace. As the race continued Altobelli was able to assume the lead from Smith as the field exited turn four on lap five.

Mike Shoemaker was also headed to the front and on lap seven Shoemaker moved to second and began to work the inside of Altobelli. Altobelli was consistent and stayed on the outside giving Shoemaker the room he needed on the low side, and on lap 15, Shoemaker used the bottom to get the lead. He was being pursued closely by Altobelli and a accidental touch sent Shoemaker spinning and sent Altobelli to the rear of the field. This allowed Bob Dunn to take over second but he could not get the necessary power to take the win. The top five were: Shoemaker, Dunn, Smith, Shawn Bilger and Bill Booher. Heat wins went to Mike Shoemaker, Shawn Bilger and Rance Garlock.

The street stocks were in the spotlight with double points on the line for $500 plus lap money to win. Occasional visitor Ashley Barrett led the 24-car field to the start with Tom Williams on the outside. Barrett took the lead but Williams wasn’t very far behind. The fight for the lead was tight the entire distance with Williams occasionally pulling along side of Barrett for the lead, but Barrett was tough.

On lap nine Bill Henney took over second and set his sights on the leader. He was close to Barrett and on lap 12 Henney took the lead. One lap later disaster struck as the closeness of the battle for fourth saw Galen Sheffield hit the backstretch wall, and collect nine cars all together. The backstretch was blocked and the track had to be cleared of all the debris. On the restart it was Henney as he had to hold off Jarrett Walker who moved to second.
On lap 23 Chad Parks became the latest flip victim as he flipped the #3 in turn one. He was ok. On the final restart it was all Henney as he went on to get his eighth win of the season by holding off  Walker who was second with Khi Swanger, Dave Brown and Dave Swanger completing the top five. Heat wins went to Mike Desch, Dave Brown and Bill Henney.

Joe Dearmitt led the opening lap of the hobby stock feature before newcomer Jamie Dively flipped on the frontstretch. He was ok. On the restart Smoking Joe Hammers had the lead with Jason Wright and Keith Russell second and third. The action got close in turn one for second with Wright and Russell tangling and Wright tailing the field. A few laps later Russell pitted and this gave second to Bill Replogle who tried the high side and the low side of Hammers before finally finding a way around on the final lap and the final turn. Replogle was followed by Hammers, Curtis Heath, Dearmitt and Curtis Guyer. Heat wins went to Joe Hammers, Joe Dearmitt and Jake Gungloff.

PIT NOTES: 95 cars filled the pits, including 18 limited late models, 27 305 sprints, 24 street stocks and 26 hobby stocks…Several wild crashes saw lots of cars tore up, but thankfully no one was hurt…Myers won the sprint title over Roger Irvine…The 2006 awards banquet will be held on Nov. 18 at the Jaffa Mosque in Altoona. More details are forth coming…This week there will be a regular show for the limited late models, street stocks, hobby stocks and PA 305 Sprints with the action being sponsored by Rick Hoover’s Logging. Race time is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. For more information check the web site at www.hesstonspeedway.com.

George’s Used Cars Limited Late Models: 1.  #8\” Mike Shoemaker; 2.  #34D Bob Dunn; 3.  #39 Tim Smith; 4.  #10 Shawn Bilger; 5.  #18 Bill Booher; 6.  #SR3 Ronnie Evans; 7.  #19 Rance Garlock; 8.  #22 Chase Billet; 9.  #79 Mike Altobelli Jr.; 10. #2 Levi Eller; 11. #99 Tim Snare Jr.; 12. #73 Mike Duck; 13. #77 George Dixon Jr.; 14. #11 Dave Sokoloski; 15. #38 Chad Walters; 16. #51 Dave Graber; 17. #50 Jake Griffith
Richey’s Well Drilling PA 305 Sprint: 1.  #3H Gary Heckman; 2.  #32 Chad Myers; 3.  #461 Tommy Beavers; 4.  #3B Joey Biasi; 5.  #76 Andy Haus; 6.  #75 Dusty Shatzer; 7.  #12 Roger Irvine; 8.  #88 Jim Wentz; 9.  #16 Craig Robinson; 10. #47 Tom Worrick; 11. #36 Rod Ort; 12. #99 Tim Bilger; 13. #R6 Reed Thompson; 14. #3 Johnny Hagen; 15. #21C Lee Cavalet; 16. #89 D.J. Holland; 17. #1 Brian Sweitzer; 18. #33Z Joe Zap; 19. #1F Richie Fitz; 20. #4 Rodney Peters; 21. #23 Ryan Lynn; 22. #7 Jim Kennedy; 23. #23G Nathan Gramley; 24. #71 Nicole Bittner DNS: #9 Ryan Hansen; #1/2 Von McGee; #79 Mel Light
Sheffields Auto Sales Street Stock: 1.  #50 Bill Henney; 2.  #44 Jarrett Walker; 3.  #88 Khi Swanger; 4.  #110 Dave Brown; 5.  #88D Dave Swanger; 6.  #56J Josh Ranck; 7.  #59B Bill Heffner; 8.  #2 Dan Zechman; 9.  #45 Tim Brindle;10. #24 Mike Dugauy; 11. #59 Mike Desch; & #15W Rob Wilkens; 12. #75X Ashley Barret; 13. #38 Terry Wagner; 14. #66 Cris Edwards; 15. #8 Harry Smith; 17. #8T Tom Williams; 18. #21R Rick Hemphill; 19. #22S Jessie Snyder ; 20. #G2 Galen Sheffield; 21. #3 Chad Parks; 22. #88S Travis Shauf; 23. #01 Jim Bookwalter; DNS: #57 Ken Singer
Dively’s Auto Body Hobby Stocks: 1.  #60 Bill Replogle; 2.  #29 Joe Hammers; 3.  #71 Curtis Heath; 4.  #21 Joe Dearmitt; 5.  #8C Curtis Guyer; 6.  #8 Junior Guyer; 7.  #30 Russell Lightner; 8.  #10 Jake Gongloff; 9.  #77 Lou Wannyn; 10. #56 Todd Goss; 11. #14 Bobby Witters; 12. #95 Jason Wright; 13. #32 Dale Claycomb; 14. #W8 Wayne Irvin; 15. #73 Kevin Hunsicker; 16. #66 Carl Snare; 17. #65K Keith Russell; 18. #D16 Darren Desch; 19. #8\” Jeff Shoemaker; 20. #69G E.J. Goss; 21. #44 Brian Ayers; 22. #88 Devin Weyandt; 23. #42 Charlie Walters; 24. #413 Bill Monihen; 25. #17C Jamie Dively DNS: #85 Thomas McMahon

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