Points decided at Gambler’s

CLEARFIELD – Moyer’s Auto Body presented the final point races of the season Sunday night at Gamblers Raceway Park with Cody Schultz of Hyde winning the late model feature and Luke Hoffner or Turbotville taking the points; Mark Frankhouser of Philipsburg topped the small block modifeds while Allport driver Bob Garvey took that title.

Clearfield’s Gary Little doubled up in the street stocks taking both the feature and point title while Craig Bainey of Morrisdale did the same thing in the pure stocks, taking the feature and title. George Bailey of Clearfield
won the four cylinder feature and Nick Erskine of Mahaffey won that title and it was Mark Faught of Cherry Tree winning the Sid’s Subs Four Cylinder Wild Card feature and it was Scott Flory of Port Matilda taking the championship.

The late models took to the track and Cody Schultz took the lead and had no intentions of losing the feature. Luke Hoffner was second for a while then Bobby Stokes moved into the runner up position. While Stokes was trying every trick in the book to get past Schultz, he had to keep Hoffner at bay and a three car battle ensued for the lead.

Stokes was trying Schultz inside and outside while Hoffner was doing likewise with Stokes. At times Schultz would pull to a two car length lead as the fight for second raged on. While the top three fought for the lead, fourth through sixth changed places just as often, with John Brady, Jack Shady and Jim Parson Jr. all struggling for fourth.

When Allan Luzier waved the checkered flag though it was Schultz holding off Stokes by a half a car length for the victory. Stokes, Hoffner, Parson and Shady completed the top five. The heats were won by Jake Shady and Bobby Stokes. Hoffner is the 2006 point champion.

For Mark Frankhouser it wasn’t easy to get his fourth win of the season. The Philipsburg driver had to ward off two veterans to get the win, but he had to get past them first.

Bob Garvey started the feature on the pole and took the lead right away with Mike Stine in second and Derek Rodkey third. As the race went on Frankhouser moved to third on lap 4 then finally managed to take second from Stine on lap 11. Both advances by Frankhouser saw cautions follow and slow the event.

Frankhouser had a chance to work on Garvey for nine laps after the caution on lap 11, but Garvey wasn’t giving. Then on lap 19 Frankhouser went around Garvey on the outside but Garvey fought back on the bottom and they were side by side for the final laps, with Frankhouser pulling off the win at the end.

Garvey, Stiner, Rodkey and Kevin Dickson completed the top five. Bob Garvey and
Mike Stine split the heats.

Dan Smeal had the lead of the street stock feature for more than half the race, with Gary Little in second and Tommy Williams in third, but on lap 13 Little went to the front and never looked back as Smeal had to ward off the efforts of Williams for second. At the finish the top five were Little, Smeal, Williams, Denny Curry and Emory Rinehart Jr. Heat wins went to Rick Hemphill and Gary Little.

The pure stock feature was led from flag-to-flag by Craig Bainey. Bainey had Jason Peters in second the entire race with Brian Rhed and Jeff Mease jockeying for third. At the line it was Bainey taking the win and the title with Peters, Mease, Rhed and Tyler Wagner completing the top five. The heat win went to Jeff Mease.

Nick Erskine led the four cylinder feature from the start and had to ward off the challenges of his dad, Ken Erskine several laps. Ken Erskine was trying to hold off George Bailey, but Bailey wanted a win bad and on lap eight he went to second and a lap later he had the top spot. The top five ended up as Bailey winning with Adam Nixon, Ken Erskine, Lester Hudson and Bob Ralston Jr.. Nick Erskine was the champion and Bob Ralston Jr. won the heat.

The four cylinder wild cards were won by first time visitor Mark Faugh as he took the lead from Kevina Clark on lap 13 and went on to get his first ever Gamblers win. Virgil Small, Clark, Kirk Hess and Ryan Fields completed the top five. Virgil Small and Mike Williams won the heats. Scott Flory was the champion.

SIDE BETS: there were 16 late models, 11 modifieds, 20 street stocks, 6 pure stocks 10 four cylinders and 13 wild cards on hand to total 76 cars…This week closes out the season with points trophies being awarded at intermission. More information is on the website at www.gamblersracewaypark.com http://www.gamblersracewaypark.com)

Late Models: 1. Cody Shultz, Clearfield; 2. Bobby Stokes, Milton; 3. Luke Hoffner, Turbotville; 4. Jim Parson, Bellwood; 5. Jake Shady, Beech Creek; 6. John Brady, Clearfield; 7. Mike Altobelli Jr., Saxton; 8. Tony Lombardi, Niles, OH; 9. Chris Farrell, Clearfield; 10. Butch Brain, Jershey Shore; 11. Josh Young, Berwick; 12. ??? 13. Dwayne Taneyhill, Bellwood; 14. Chris Knuth, Brisbin; 15. Leo Bomboy; 16. Chad Walters

358 Small Block Modified: 1. Mark Frankhouser, Philipsburg; 2. Bob Garvey, Grassflat; 3. Mike Stine, Smithmill; 4. Derek Rodkey, Osceola Mills; 5. Kevin Dickson, West Decatur; 6. Bill Washek, Clearfield; 7. Chris Luzier,
Clearfield; 8. Marvin Williams Sr., Tyrone; 9. Ron Butterworth, Phillipsburg; 10. Justin Bowser, Punxsutawney; DNS: Todd Bainey, Philipsburg

Street Stocks: 1. Gary Little, Woodland; 2. Dan Smeal, Houtzdale; 3. Tom Williams, Tyrone; 4. Denny Curry, Clearfield; 5. Emory Rinehart Jr., Morrisdale; 6. Bob Rosman, Sykesville; 7. Ray Reynolds; 8. Fuzzy Fields, Brockway; 9. Chris Conner; 10. Dan Gill, Clearfield; 11. Ray Billote, Mineral Springs; 12. Scott Good, Altoona; 13. Ken Smay, Clearfield; 14. Mike Hummel, Clearfield; 15. Steve Clark, Allport; 16. Denny Ring, Port Matilda; 17. Dan Surra, Kersey; 18. Bill Phillips; 19. Steve Ullery, Curwensville

Pure Stocks: 1. Craig Bainey, Morrisdale; 2. Jason Peters, Clearfield; 3. Jeff Mease, Clearfield; 4. Brian Rhed, Brockport; 5. Tyler Wagner; 6. Martin Hubler, Hawk Run

4 Cylinder rwd: 1. George Bailey, Clearfield; 2. McCartney, Grampian; 3. Ken Erskine, Mahaffey; 4. Lester Hudson, Clearfield; 5. Bob Ralston Jr., Philipsburg; 6. Nick Erskine, Mahaffey; 7. David Weidow, Byrnedale; 8. Mark Hummel, Osceola Mills; 9. Steve Kephart Jr., Curwensville; 10. Mike Maines, Philipsburg

Wild Card fwd: 1. Mark Faught; 2. Virgil Small; 3. Kevin Clark, Morrisdale; 4. Kirk Hess, Woodland; 5. Ryan Fields, Brockway; 6. Scott Flory, Port Matilda; 7. Rob Williams, Wallaceton; 8. Shawn Fedder, Clearfield; 9. Todd Ostrofsky, Munson; 10. Adam Dysard, Clearfield; 11. Amy Wonderling; 12. Lynn Stiver, Clearfield; 13. Merle Billotte, Cherry Tree

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