Online Access Now Available for Proposed Rush Township Landfill

WILLIAMSPORT – Citizens seeking up-to-date information on a proposal by Resource Recovery LLC to build a municipal waste landfill in Rush Township, Centre County, may now simply log onto the Department of Environmental Protection’s Web site, DEP Northcentral Regional Office Director Robert Yowell announced.

“When DEP met with local municipalities in June to discuss the Resource Recovery landfill permit application, a suggestion was made that important information should be posted on the Web to give easy access to citizens seeking information on the proposed waste facility” Yowell said. “That was a wonderful suggestion and the Web page is now up and running.”

The information includes a summary of the company’s proposal and a section, called “milestones,” which includes important letters and other information listed in chronological order. Information will be posted for all Resource Recovery permit applications, not just the municipal waste landfill application.

“DEP will keep this information as current as possible, and we hope citizens will visit the Web site to stay informed as we proceed through the review process,” Yowell said.

To view the information, go to Click on “Northcentral,” then “Community Involvement,” and “Proposed Regional Landfills.”

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