Brady Township Could Pass Ordinance Regulating Shooting

LUTHERSBURG – Central Pennsylvania is described in many ways, but the most common description is rural. With that header comes one of the most popular pastimes of the area — hunting. With that comes the associated practice of shooting.

One local municipality is considering passing an ordinance that would regulate where target ranges are placed.

Brady Township Secretary Sherry DeBoer said Wednesday that the township considered a draft ordinance at their August meeting. That document states that private, public or commercial pistol and rifle ranges would be regulated. DeBoer said the township is not looking to outright ban shooting, but they do want to ban shooting over township roadways.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission also regulates shooting over roadways but allows the practice “the line of fire is high enough above the elevation of the highway to preclude any danger to the users of the highway.”

“The Constitution says you are allowed to bear arms,” DeBoer said. “But we do have concerns.”

The issue came to light about two years ago, DeBoer said, but a recent proposal for a shooting range along Stony Lonesome Road in Luthersburg is keeping it in the spotlight.

DeBoer said the ordinance will be advertised and could be adopted at the supervisors’ next meeting, scheduled for Sept. 5 at 8 p.m.

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