Weather May Be Affecting Concession Sales

CLEARFIELD – A number of veteran fair vendors believe the hot weather has caused a decline in their sales at the Clearfield County Fair.

With temperatures in the 90s throughout most of the week, the causeways throughout the fairgrounds have been noticeably less crowded in the afternoon hours.

John Koutoufaris, owner of John the Greek concession stands, said that this is one of the hottest times he can remember. When asked whether the heat has affected his business, Koutoufaris answered: “It does because people don’t eat when it’s hot.”

John the Greek has been coming to the Clearfield County Fair since 1982, and is based in Bethel Park.

Paul Dietzel of Steak-on-a-Stick noted that the weather has affected his business as well. Dietzel noted that it has been hot this last week, saying it was one of the hottest he could remember. Dietzel said he would rather it be hot than raining, however.

Steak-on-a-Stick has been coming to the fair since 1981, and hails from Clearfield.

“It’s been down,” said Tiffany Royer of Royers’ Concessions.

“There’s been no lunch crowd whatsoever,” added Royer. “When I first started working here, it was not like this.”

Royer blamed on the slump on the economy and gas prices as well.

Royer has been working at the fair for 11 years. Royers Concessions has been at the fair for around 30 years, according to Royer. Royers is out Woodland.

Joe Francemore of Sammy’s Steaks also said it was the hottest summer at the Clearfield County Fair that he could remember.

“Business has been down,” said Francemore, who has worked for Sammy’s for a number of years. Francemore said they have been coming in at 11 a.m., something he never remembers doing before this year.

Sammy’s Steaks has been at the Clearfield County Fair for 54 years, and is out of Reading.

Tony Amato, owner of Tony’s Pizza, said this summer is was “one of the hottest.” He said the heat has affected his business as well throughout the day, but, like others, generally picks up at night.

Amato believes that some people may be confused by the fact that the fair rides have not been opening before 4 p.m. He questioned whether people might be mixed up, and think the rest of the fair is closed until 4 p.m. as well.

Tony’s Pizza has been at the fair for 22 years.

With Friday’s weather change, all of the owners believe things will pick up.

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