Fair board still re-negotiating manager’s contract

CLEARFIELD – Leon Meyer’s name first started coming into local conversations about two years ago this fall when he was brought on by the Clearfield County Fair and Park Board to be the fair manager.

On Oct. 4, his two-year contract will expire. Meyer told GantDaily he offered to extend his current contract for two years with cost-of-living adjustments for each of the two years.

The board turned down that offer, but negotiations are still happening with Meyer, and a new contract could be approved in the interim.

Meyer came to Clearfield with 35 years’ experience working with fairs. A Nebraska native, he worked his way up from volunteer to president of a small county fair there. Then he decided to get involved in the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers. He has also served on many boards dealing with fairs and is counted among the less than 200 people with the designation of certified fair executive.

All of that said, the fair board understands the need for a park manager to promote the park and the community, and with Meyer, they have someone with experience.

“Leon has made strides in establishing a working relationship with the business sector,” correspondence from the board said. “He has also made improvements to the agriculture exhibits at the fair ,such as improving the swine and sheep barns; moving the quilts to Expo II for better viewing (which has increased the number of entries received); and involving the 4 and FFA members in projects around the fair grounds (we had a bench- building contest this year and a barrel-painting contest last year).”
The board said there are a lot of factors to consider during the re-negotiation process, but “the board is hopeful that the position of manager is resolved quickly and beneficially to all involved as well as the community.”

Meyer said the two years he has been in Clearfield have zoomed by, and he loves the terrain of Clearfield County.

Of his work at the Clearfield Driving Park, he said, “When I came here, they said the park wasn’t used enough. I have helped to get more usage.”

Since Meyer came on, the park has seen events such as Country Jamin’ the Valley, Chrome at the Dome/Thrills in the Hills and a used car show. A monster truck event and an antique car show are planned for this year.

Meyer has faced some adversity along the way, but said change is necessary to keep the park vital. “If you don’t make changes and try to improve things, it will die.” Some events, he said, will fail, but one does not know what will work until it is tried.

Meyer is hopeful that an agreeable contract can be drawn up. “I enjoy the country, and the people around Clearfield are very pleasant and very complimentary.”

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