Beer and Cheese, a Perfect Pair for Summer Soirees

ST. LOUIS, (PRNewswire) – As small, local artisanal creameries across the country continue to gain popularity, many cheese lovers are
looking to these small shops for the hottest culinary trends — not to mention the least expected. That’s what makes cheese and beer pairings such a novel, and fun, concept — especially when entertaining this summer.

“A flight of cheese served with a flight of lagers or ales can be infinitely more interesting than the typical cheese and wine flight,” said
Nathaniel Davis, brewmaster, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. “The subtle nuances of a beer and its refreshing or sultry finish can play off a range of cheeses resulting in a delicious, unique taste.”

A few simple rules when pairing beer and cheese compiled by artisanal cheese makers throughout the country include:

Contrast: It’s all about the texture

— Light beers such as Michelob Light, Bud Light or Corona Light contrast the richness of soft, bloomy-rind cheeses such as a triple-cream Brie
by cutting through and lifting the cream off the tongue.

— The lift comes from beer’s natural carbonation and delicate, balanced hopping.

Complement: It’s all about the harmony

— Complement more flavorful and complex cheeses like aged cheddar with full-flavored and midbodied lagers such as Michelob, Rolling Rock or
Budweiser Select.

— These beers will play off the nutty character of the cheese and the elegant hopping will balance the buttery, smooth texture of the

Balance: It’s all about stability

— Balance is important. The cheese should not overpower the beer or vice versa.

— Ales, bocks, stouts and some darker lagers such as Michelob AmberBock can be fruity, malty sweet, robust and hoppy. Their substantial body
and assertive hopping can stand up to big, smoky cheeses like a semi-soft smoked Roquefort-style blue.

Beer and cheese serve as flavor enhancers for one another. By contrasting, complementing and balancing, you can achieve perfect harmony.
When matching, keep these toppling tips in mind when coupling cheese with beer:

Light Lagers:

— Crisp, clean and refreshing, light lager beers serve as a palate cleanser and pair well with dense, creamy cheeses.

— Light lagers are versatile when pairing, but consider serving with Brie, Chevre or Gouda.


— Pale ales are malty and slightly hoppy — a delicate touch is required to match them with cheese.

— Pair with earthy and washed-rind cheeses on the firmer side, such as mild cheddars or a Pont L’Eveque.


— Bock-style beers are rich and malty with a creamy finish.

— Contrast the slightly sweet, creamy finish of a bock with salty, nutty cheeses, such as a Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano or a boutique cheddar
to create a yin-and-yang experience.

Porters and Stouts:

— Stouts and porters have bitter, cocoa-like flavors.

— Shy away from bitter cheeses, and instead embrace the salty, sweet and creamy.

— Pungent soft-ripened cheese, blues, and washed-rinds, such as Oregonzolas, Aged Pecorinos and Coulommiers marry well with these
thick, creamy beers.

Don’t forget to add wheat crackers, rustic breads, roasted hazelnuts, almonds, green apples, pears and preserves to your customized cheese
spread. For more information on beer and food pairing tips please visit .

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