Police department seeks public input

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Borough Police Department recently announced plans to redistribute their available officers to handle more types of complaints. But even with a plan, some issues often go unreported while others make the news time and time again.

As part of that new plan, the department has developed a mission statement to help people speak with an officer when their is an issue to be addressed.

The document, common in business, outlines the organization’s reason for existing and its description of itself.

The Clearfield Borough Police Department’s mission statement reads:

“The Clearfield Borough Police Department shall provide its citizens the best unbiased police services that can be delivered. These services, by nature, must be provided in a prioritized system as to best protect life and then property. These services that enter the realm of public service must be limited when other true emergencies arise. On this we stand, it shall be the mission of the department to follow professional ethics and goals to reach the expectations of our citizens.”

Those expectations, according to Clearfield Borough Police Chief Jeff Rhone, can only be met through communication between the police and area residents. As a way to help open those lines, anyone who is interested in talking with a police officer is invited to e-mail the department at clfdboro.police@verizon.net.

All correspondence should include the person’s name, address, telephone number, the person with whom the meeting should be and the topic to be discussed.

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