Ten years running, Australia is tops in adult vacation choices

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (PRNewswire) – As summer officially begins, according to a new survey, just over half (54%) of U.S. adults say they have taken or will take a vacation this summer. For many, their summer vacations will consist of visiting family and friends while others will go to the beach or take a scenic trip. U.S. adults were again more likely to say that if they could spend a vacation in any country in the world, outside the United States, and not have to worry about the cost, Australia would be their choice. Rounding out the top five vacation destination choices for U.S. adults are Italy (No. 2), Great Britain (No. 3), Ireland (No. 4) and France (No. 5).

These are the results of a nationwide Harris Poll of 2,351 U.S. adults surveyed online by Harris Interactive June 7-13.

  Specific results from this poll include:

  -- A slight majority (54%) of U.S. adults say that they will take a
     vacation this summer with 45 percent of them saying that will stay in
     the U.S. Three percent will only travel internationally and six percent
     will travel both domestically and internationally.

     The remaining 46 percent say that they will not being taking a vacation
     this summer.

  -- When traveling this summer, Americans who have or will take a vacation,
     (52%) are most likely to say they will (or did) visit friends and
     family. Other top vacations include going to the beach (36%), taking a
     scenic trip or visiting places of great beauty (29%), visiting
     historical sights or sightseeing (23%), visiting theme parks (20%),
     visiting a big city (18%), taking an active vacation such as hiking or
     camping (18%) and going to casinos (14%). Others that are somewhat less
     popular include going to a spa or resort (8%) and taking a cruise (8%).

  -- European countries are well-represented when looking at the top choices
     for vacation spots. In fact, half (51%) of all U.S. adults choose a
     European country as their top spot for vacation. Rounding out the top-
     10 vacation spots for U.S. adults (when cost is not considered) U.S.
     adults would like to vacation in Germany (No. 6), and visit its
     neighbor to the north, Canada (No. 7), New Zealand (No. 8, climbing
     from No. 11 last year) and Mexico (No. 10, up from No. 13 last year).
     Japan, which was No. 8 in 2005, drops to No. 11, switching places with
     New Zealand.

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