Police arrest 48 in drug investigation

DUBOIS – Police in the greater DuBois area started an operation Tuesday afternoon to nab 48 people for suspected drug-related crimes.

Clearfield County District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr. said Wednesday morning that 20 people were arrested between 1-7 p.m. Tuesday, and the total was up to 31 as of 10 a.m. Wednesday. He added that more arrests are being made as the state police, Troop-C Vice Unit, DuBois City Police Department, the Sandy Township Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department serve their outstanding warrants.

“A lot of these cases were generated from reports from the community,” Shaw said Wednesday, and he urged people to continue calling in tips. “We may not be there tomorrow, but we’ll be there some time.”

Shaw said the “good old-fashioned police work” of the officers and troopers who followed up on tips resulted in the arrests, which Shaw said help to make neighborhoods safer.

“We’re making every effort we can to fight the fight.”

Shaw said the arrests represent thousands of dollars in heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, OxyContin, marijuana, ecstasy and other drugs being taken off the streets, including one and one-half pounds of marijuana seized during the service of warrants as well as a handgun that was found in a safe.

Although he wouldn’t say specifically whether the 48 people were members of the same “drug ring,” he did say it is a “fair inference to say that the people probably know each other.”

Shaw said that both high-level and smaller dealers were represented in those who were served and will be served with arrest warrants.

Shaw spoke of state Attorney General Tom Corbett’s visit to Curwensville May 24 to announce the arrests of seven people on drug charges when he said, “Like Mr. Corbett said, drug dealing is a business. It’s a business in the United States, and it’s a business in Clearfield County.”

Law enforcement officials plan to continue their crack-down on drug use in Clearfield County, according to Shaw.

“If you’re a big-time dealer or a small dealer, if we catch you, you will be prosecuted.”

Those who have been arrested or have outstanding warrants for their arrest on drug-related charges include:

Michelle Banks of DuBois
Craig Bennett of DuBois
Van Bortz Jr. of DuBois
Jason Bricen of Penfield
Anthony Brown of DuBois
Jonathon Bulich of DuBois
Shawn Burnside of Penfield
Jessica Caldarelli of DuBois
Christine Caldarelli of DuBois
Monica Carlins of DuBois
Shannon Carnesali of Brockway
Wendy Celinski of DuBois
Rebecca Cribbs of DuBois
Shannon Crutcher of Brockway
Larry DeJohn of Reynoldsville
Brandon Dixon of DuBois
Joseph Domitrovich of Brockway
Drew Dunworth of Grampian
James Frantz Sr. of DuBois
James Frantz Jr. of DuBois
Robert Grandberry of DuBois
Carey Harris of DuBois
Daniel Harris of DuBois
Jessica Hinderliter of DuBois
James Horner of DuBois
Kevin Jacklin of Reynoldsville
Matthew Kematick of Penfield
Mable Kitchen of DuBois
David Levenduski of Penfield
Lamont Marshall of DuBois
Robert Milhome of Falls Creek
Joseph Opaliski of Punxsutawney
Heather Peters of DuBois
Johnny Petrillo of DuBois
Joshua Petrini of DuBois
Beau Michael Pickett of DuBois
Earl Powers III of DuBois
Kewan Roberts of Yonkers, N.Y.
Cory Roman of Reynoldsville
Brenton Ryans of Reynoldsville
David Sigvaldsen of DuBois
Cheryl Smith of Reynoldsville
Harry Snyder of DuBois
Mandy Tobias of DuBois
Shawn Wilkinson Jr. of Winburne
Brenda Williams of DuBois
Dean Williams of DuBois
Robert Winer of DuBois

 Michelle Banks is escorted from the DuBois barracks of the state police by officers. Banks is charged with possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession of heroin, unlawful sale of a non-controlled substance and theft by deception. (Dawn Walls)

 Joshua Petrini is led away from the state police barracks at DuBois after being brought in on drug charges. Petrini was arraigned for counts of possession with intent to deliver cocaine and possession of cocaine. (Dawn Walls)

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