PHEAA reaches out to nontraditional students

HARRISBURG (PRNewswire) – PHEAA announced Monday that it has launched a public service campaign to encourage and assist
nontraditional students in earning their degree in higher education.  Adult students are the fastest growing population on college campuses.
They are heading off to college, vocational and technical schools to either start or complete their degrees. The campaign focuses on these working adults as they look to change careers or further their skills for their current job.
Via television and radio spots, the campaign encourages both full- and part-time adult students to further their education. It promotes the
availability of student aid programs including the Pennsylvania State Grant  Program, federal aid programs and the Workforce Advancement Grants for Education (WAGE) program. This new program is funded with $10 million to assist nontraditional students in bettering themselves and furthering their education.

“It is our mission to provide affordable access to higher education – to everyone,” explained Dick Willey, PHEAA President and C.E.O. “Working
adults are just as much in need of financial assistance as recent high  school graduates. There are programs, particularly the WAGE program,
designed to meet their needs and help them achieve their dream of higher education.”

Through the campaign, PHEAA encourages their audience to visit, a Web site specifically designed to meet the needs of nontraditional students. The site focuses on getting started, finding the money and managing time. It also includes profiles on
specific nontraditional students and their unique situations, providing insight as to how they went back to school and achieved their goals.

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