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Google uses a complex algorithm to determine the value, or Page Rank, of each and every web page that is published on the Internet. The Page Rank for each page is prominently displayed in the Google toolbar. Google ranks pages from a value of 0, the lowest, to 10, the highest. You'ill notice that large authoritative and commercial sites have the highest Page Rank. Page Rank for these upper-level sites is mostly determined by the sheer number of backlinks or outside links coming into the site.

The higher the value of Page Rank for each page does influence your position in Search Engine Results. Higher rated pages get spidered and indexed more quickly than lower rated pages.

Page Rank fluctuates daily on a mathematical algorithm, however, it's not publicly reported very often. On average Google updates their Page Rank Toolbar to show a new value every 4 to 6 months. This timeline always fluctuates.

The little green meter bar in the Google ToolBar that shows your current Page Rank is actually the Page Rank from the time of the last update, not today.

From the chart above we can see the frequency with which the public display of Page Rank is changed. If you're concerned about a low PR you usually have 2-3 months' time to improve your Page Rank before its next public unveiling.

The factors that influence your actual Page Rank are a highly guarded secret. The mathematical formula, or algorithm, changes often, and the weight of key elements in the formula change as well.

With each update in the algorithm, Google changes the weight or percentage value of some factors in its formula. These changes have a dramatic effect on Page Rank and on Search Engine Results.

One thing is known about the Page Rank calculation. It is largely based on the internal linking of your site, as well as off-site incoming links, or backlinks.

You can control the internal linking of your call recorder [free] by using a strong navigation system. You can control the number of outgoing links from your site as well. The real way to increase Page Rank is to receive more off-site backlinks to your web pages.

A simple formula is to have more off-site links (or backlinks) coming into your site than links going out from your site. It's also important that your backlinks come from different IP addresses instead of just linking between several of your own sites on the same server. Google also seems to weigh backlinks from sites with content related to your site's content more than links from non-relevant sites.

Increasing your Page Rank is done by increasing the number of backlinks to your site, and by having sites with higher Page Ranks than your site does link to you.

To improve your Page Rank, see the related topics of gaining backlinks and non-reciprocal links.

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