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There's one thing I haven't done in a very long time here on the channel, and that makes a video about Beats™ headphones. Now they're very popular, they've recently got purchased by Apple and that has all kinds of implications and that's the reason for this video right here But in general, these are very expensive headphones and they're not going to be for everybody That said, the Beats Solo3 Wireless black friday are the first headphones available to take advantage of Apple's new pairing process, Of course, we'll be testing them out as well On the back here you can see wireless Bluetooth, battery for 40 hours Five minute charging equals 3 hours of play That's, I mean that's pretty good Special edition rose gold, look at this Very factory fresh inside Nice little carrying pouch a carabiner when Jack was a kid his nickname was actually Beans so let's bring it back hit the comments section say hello to Beans let's see how many Beans we can get in the comments section. Ain't that right Beans. And then there's a cable you might want to use these with something other than an iPhone I like to use them on the airplane and of course as you know there's no BlueTooth to the airplanes entertainment system and every so often you've got you've got a banger on there that you just need to watch.

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